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Why to take a Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance PolicyFriends, I had seen many people hate insurance in India and many of them don’t even know what is Insurance. I like to say that it is very important to have an Term Life Insurance for each and every adult individual in India who is of 18 years and more.

What is term insurance, Many Insurance company have this product as a special one with all other types of insurance, Term insurance is a policy made with the insurance company that you will pay a premium every year till my death whether it occurs naturally or accidentally and if it happens any time Insurance company has to pay the sum total of money to their family or nominee. The amount is decided by the person who is taking the policy may be 10,00,000 or above and the premium will be calculated by using the total amount paid by the company and the age of the person.

So friends it is very important to take the term insurance policy, because we are working hard and running our family expenditures on monthly basis and even we have the credits, loans, and many of us have the loans by using the mortgage for our properties, hence it is important to take the term life insurance.

Say for example we have taken a loan of 10,00,000 by keeping the property papers as mortgage and say we have debts from our friends because we have taken the amount as credit to support our business or any other needs say the amount is 10,00,000 again and if we leave this world who will clear this? If we have taken a term insurance policy of say 50,00,000 and paying a minimum premium amount from our payments monthly or yearly it will be a big support to our family if something happens to us any time.

So from today onwards we will be free from all our loans, mortgage, and credit by just taking the term life insurance from any company in India who is providing the best facilities on these types of insurance.

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