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Tagscanner the best mp3 tagging software, organizer

TagScanner a multifunction program for organizing and managing your music collection - Friends we all know that today MP3 is the most used audio format for song and sound playbacks, which is most use in storage and transfer of music. Every one like to playback MP3 files with their tag information, which should be shown correctly, or we like to organize our hard large collection of MP3 files with their tag information to make it more easy to enjoy the music with the correct information as well as quick selection purpose.

Organize your music collectionA good MP3 tag editor will be helpful.

For that I like to suggest a good MP3 tag editor based on three basic needs, which include:

A Tag editor should support basic tags, embedded cover arts and lyrics.

Should rename files using tag information, and edit tags using file names.

Should lookup online databases and save tags into MP3 files.

For that I should suggest you the TagScanner 5.1.600

TagScanner is known to be a multifunction program for organizing and managing our loveable music collection. TagScanner can edit tags of mostly state-of-the-art audio formats, can also rename files based on the tag information, can also generate tag information from filenames, and can also perform any transformations of the text from tags and filenames. Also if you are online you may get album info through the best available online databases like freedb or Amazon.

TagScanner supports ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WindowsMedia and MP4(iTunes) tags. It is known to be a Powerful TAG editor with batch functions and special features. It also comes with a playlist maker with ability to export play lists to HTML or Excel. It is also known as an easy-to-use interface. Its best feature is it has Built-in player.

Chalo lets check the Features:

It rename files based on the tag and file information

It is a powerful multiple files tag editor

It has a feature to Import tag information from an online databases like freedb or Amazon

It has manual text-search for information in freedb

It also generates tag information from file/foldernames

It also has the tag fields formatting and rearrangement

It also has the words replacement and case conversion from tags and filenames

It also supports MP3, OGG, Musepack, Monkey's Audio, FLAC, AAC, OptimFROG, SPEEX, WavePack, TrueAudio, WMA, MP4 files

It also supports ID3 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 tags, APE v1 and v2 tags, Vorbis Comments, WMA tags and MP4(iTunes) metadata

It also Supports for embedded lyrics and cover art

It helps in resize cover art for portable devices on the fly

It has TAGs versions conversions

It comes with quick playlists creation

It helps in Export information to HTML, XML CSV or any user-defined format

It has full support for Unicode

It can also help to Multilanguage interface lovers

The most important part is its Built-in multiformat player

So why wait go for TagScanner the best mp3 tagging software, which is available, free on Internet as per my knowledge. Go get it today if you love to organize your mp3 files.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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