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Signboard designing – Another Freelance Business in India

sign boardA single person with knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw can start signboard designing job works with only a single computer having the facility of those above software.

Many computer savvy are jobless and I think this signboard designing can be a boon for them to pick as their freelance business opportunity in India.

You can just start this business from your small shop or from your bedroom, just you need a computer with Windows Xp, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw, if you have complete knowledge of this software, then without waiting you can start your business from home.

I think there is no business you can start with such a low investment. You can start with as low as only Rs. 25000/- and can earn up to Rs. 1,00,00 per month, but you have to do some hard work in the marketing filed with your designing skills.signboardHow will be your question now! – Yes friends just make ready your computer at any place say your bedroom, hall or in a small shop or search for corner in your best friends shop, install all the required software packages like Adobe Photoshop Corel draw, etc. What ever you need. Print some visiting cards and start-finding customers, every shop or business in today’s world is in need of a hoarding or signboard.

So as soon as you start your job work, people start changing their signboards or place a new signboard in front of their shops or businesses.signboard designAfter getting 10 orders design a unique board and you will become famous for the job in some days keep the samples of all your previous designs to show to new customers.

Yes this is a new and unique idea in the computer job works field. Why wait start it today.

After writing this articles I searched for signboard designing and found from where you can pick up the ideas on how you can design or start your own signboard sign board signage hoarding store front banner design business today!

Here are some sample signboard designs below I did it for my friends shops.
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