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All Educated Persons can make money online

Make Money Online -This idea struck my mind today if every educated person in India start writing on internet instead of wasting their time on social sites and offline, they can make lots of income online as their primary or secondary income.

I know now you will ask me how?

LOL, See what I want to say is every education persons has the knowledge of their own subject in which they did their degrees or schools. So pick up a topic and start writing instructive or knowledgeable articles.

So, now your question might be where to write, whether I have to invest for that etc.?

LOL again, No friend you don’t have to invest a single pie for this, only thing you have to be online, an internet connection on your pc. Second thing is you should create a genuine email on Google Account with all your details just like you address, Cell no, name as on your bank account, this should be genuine.

So after creating a Google account with all your genuine details, start signing up almost all Google based services, first go for blogger and start your blog on your topic on which you can write better. And all other supporting services run by Google.

Now on daily basis in your spare time or on Sundays you can write good articles which can be published on your blog on blogger which is also a free service from Google.

After a month or so you can find your articles if they are helpful to people, they will come in search engines and traffic starts flowing on your blog. This makes you famous on Internet and people start reading your articles.

Now apply for the another best service from Google, the Money paying Service “ADSENSE”, If Google finds your articles worth it will approve you as Google Ad sense Publisher and you can put the given code on your blog as Ads. And you can really start making money for the thing which is going waste in your minds.

So friend now is the time to go for it and share your wonderful worthy knowledge online and earn lots of income too.

For more details you can ask in our comment system you will get all good responses for your question on EACH AND EVERY EDUCATED PERSON CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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