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Be a public figure on social sites and Promote Your Blog

promote blog on social sitesEvery one who is familiar with social sites knows the main purpose of it. If you are a regular Internet user, you likely use it often. As we all also know that Social networking websites are online communities, which helps Internet users to meet and communicate with each other. If you are the one who enjoys using the Internet to meet many people, it is very good if you already belong to many social networking websites. And if you are a famous or new blogger then it is the plus point on social sites, which can help you to promote your blog on these social sites.

Your question might me something like “Why to promote my blog?” Honestly, if you have to ask yourself the same question you probably should not even have the answer. Many people are blogging to document their thoughts, views, and opinions on a particular topic, subject or on multiple subjects or even on many blogs with different subjects. What is the use of the blogs when there are no readers for them? In addition to sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world, you can also make money from your blogs? You can signup for affiliate programs or other programs like Google Adsense. If you are using your blog to make money then you will there is a must need to get traffic and want to promote it.

Professionals use search engines by building their blog with best seo techniques and articles, which do the work for them for promoting their blogs. Search engines; such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN use special techniques that read the content on your blogs. That content is then used to rank your website with particular keywords. Although many blogs are successfully ranked in search engines, not all are. First try to write good articles, make them best seo articles and you blog will get traffic in addition you can use the social sites to get additional traffic

As we know people make friends on social sites with their interest say if you are interested in mlm business then people invites friendship with you with the same interest and if you are on social sites with the interest which you are writing articles on the same topic on your blog then it is the great place to get traffic. The individuals that you talk to and that are in your community are likely the individuals that you wish to target. Since most social networking websites work to connect Internet users who have the same goals and common interests, there is a good chance that your online friends will enjoy reading your blog. But, before they can read your blog, you have to let them know that it exists.

How to promote you blog on social networking websites? Is the question comes to your mind now, Friends you have many options. First option is you can add your blog link on your community profile or profile page or in the about section by writing about you, you qualifications, personal details and what you write and where you write and after that link to your blog saying read more. This will allow all the social site members with your same interest topics will checkout your blog, only if they wish to do so. The other way is to inform your online friends of your blog through private messages and in status updates with different links of your pages on daily basis where the articles are different with the same keywords on your same blog.

Although there is a good chance that you are already a member of a popular social networking website, you may not be. If you are not already a member, but would like to become one, you will need to find a social networking website to join. This can easily be done with a standard Internet search. In your search, you will likely find a number of popular network sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, FriendFinder, Yahoo! 360, Orkut, twitter and now and new from google is Circles. Before becoming a community member at one of these networking sites, you may want to first examine the website to ensure that it is everything that you want it to be.

So friends what for you are waiting be part of the famous social sites and grow your blog traffic as well as become public figures today.
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