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Published by on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 2:11:00 PM

RCM Business vs RMP Infotec

Rcm BusinessRmp InfotecAs we all know MLM trend is changing very fast in India, The two companies, RCM Business and RMP Infotec is booming in Karnataka region now no company is in market, people are trusting only these two companies as their real mlm marketing companies in Karnataka.

RCM Business is a Binary MLM company with monthly purchasing concept and a good revenue sharing plan for hard workers and real network marketers, People who like the old marketing techniques are joining RCM Business as their mlm company and bringing good results in karnataka region of India, because of its unique binary repurchased based plan, It has good products which comes in daily use and people like to buy them from rcm bazaars available all over india.

The products are good and a wide range which are equivalent to market products, hence people likes this opportunity and they are making their career in this mlm business.

But due to slow income generating plan, people have to join many distributors under them to make good income, no matter the joining amount is less people join it but due to low income they have to wait for long time to get good income.

Where as RMP Infotec Pvt Ltd is also a Binary Income plan with a weekly payout calculating system and monthly payment. It is also booming because of its unique payout plan, RMP Infotec company as 10 to 12 unique product packages for joining the business, and they are paying in the ratio 1:2 or 2:1 as their first binary payout, for one pair they are paying the distributors Rs. 1000 and their pair income, and this is calculated on weekly basis with ceiling of 1,30,000 per week, that means if you bring the joinings regularly and complete the correct binary procudure you can earn Rs. 5,20,000 per month from one id.

Hence people are making fast income through this business and joining on daily basis, many people have their tripad, that means if you three ids your two ids under your main id, you can earn two times the amount what you are earning in a month, it doubles your income automatically.

So these are the two mlm companies RCM Businesss and RMP Infotec which are booming in karnataka for their unique plans and revenue sharing plans but I am confused between RCM Business and RMP Infotec.

So You can research and give your opinions about these companies to clarify about these two mlm companies.
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