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Step by step Page optimization for Article Pages for your blog

Step by step Page optimization - We can start from the top of the page as soon as your logo and header part we have to move to the heading tag.

1) Heading tag: We should include a keyword or keyword phrase with a bigger and bolder text than the normal body tex. Here every thing based on search algorithm will find it important becuase of its emphasizization.

2) We have to use h1 to h6 as large and bold text by controling our cascading style which already know how to do with css codings where we can control the size and strongness of our headings. If use the h1 to h6 tags as bold and little bigger size than our text then search engines will see it as important headings.

3) Next we have to write the introduction of the article in the first para which we can also be used as our teaser text in main page and then continue to the item page, and it is very important to use top keywords and keyword phrases and these can be further repeated in the text for 1 to 2 times in each paragraph, you should also keep in mind while using the keywords that the sentences should make some sense to your readers.

4) The second paragraph should teach readers some thing new for which they came using the keywords.

5) Dont forget to use other heading tags in between the paragraphs using h2 to h6 using good and related keywords and phrases.

6) In the third paragraph you can link to your previous articles for the same keywords by which you can get more page views and it should give some sense to the readers to read the missing part of the same keyword based articles.

7) Dont use the same keyword for several times but try to write some sensed article for the keyword by which the reader should learn some thing new and not the old news every time.

8) At last you can link to some good related links on net where your reader should go and find better for the same keyword, be short and explanatory to your readers and you will get more success for your articles both with readers as well as from search engines.

So friends you can understant what I wanted to say to you for building Steps to Page optimization for your articles on your blog.

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