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How to register custom domain name for Blogger in India

Blogger Custom DomainThis is the question many bloggers ask when they start blogging using Blogger or So friends it is very easy to do it if you have a valid gmail account with correct information and a Bank Account in India with a Debit or Credit card with your account. The only thing is you should know the details of your account like account number, credit or debit card number, validity dates and your correct address given in your bank account.

Blogger has already helped custom domain help article for us @ “Where can I buy a custom domain name for my blog?”.

There are many companies from whom you can buy domain names, usually for very reasonable yearly prices. A Google search for domain registrar will turn up numerous options. Keep in mind that you can also buy a domain name directly through Blogger; doing so will configure your DNS and Blogger settings automatically. You can also shop around through this list: - Blogger Help.

There is a list of domain registrars where you can buy directly your custom domain as follows:

· EasyDNS
· ix web hosting
· 1and1
· Yahoo! Small Business
· No-IP
· DNS Park
· Blogger

Once you've got a domain name registered, you can use it on your BlogSpot blog.

You can also view the demo video available on the same page. How do I buy a custom domain through Blogger? On blogger help.

The important thing for registration of Custom domain from blogger is Google Checkout, if you signup for the Google Checkout using your debit or credit card in India, you can easily setup up your blogger blog on custom domain.

If you like this post, I will help you out in detail and write an article on how to register your custom domain using google checkout.
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