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Google Chrome Vs Microsoft Windows 8

Google Chrome Vs Windows 8Windows 8 made news when it was released. The Windows 8 update is not due for many months yet. Google released Chrome with a bang soon after. This article looks at the major differences from a user’s point of view.

The Windows 8 first demonstration made news headlines pretty fast. Radical new changes were unveiled that appear to change the way we will use our computers in the future. Not long after, and without any warning, Google released the Chromebook and the new Chrome OS operating system. These two operating systems are both doing one very important thing, and that is heading to new world of cloud computing. Here is a comparison for easier understanding of what this means for all of us.

Operating System. The Windows 8 upgrade will make our computer very touch-centric. The whole operating system looks more like something we would be using on a smartphone. In fact, this operating system will function on all devices as equally well. That includes smartphones, tablets, and right through to our old desktops. The operating system has one very special feature, the language used to create applicatons on the internet, and those applications that work inside our browser, will work directly on the operating system. Google’s Chrome OS, is a completely different approach. Less of an operating system, it is the gateway and window to all the applications that will work on Chrome. Both of these operating systems, and especially Chrome (because that is all that will work on it) are paying a lot of importance to the web based languages for the development of applications.

Applications. All of the applicatons that will work on Google’s Chrome are already on the internet. They are not actually on your machine, you do not have a copy stored on your computer to start up each time you want to use them. They are HTML5 and JavaScript applications that run from the internet inside your Chrome OS. Applications for the Windows 8 operating system can be these exact same applications, but they do not need a browser to operate in. It is important to note, the Chrome OS is more of a powerful browser than it is an operating system. Windows 8 will still have the standard applications you are used to. Those applications that run on your computer and are made from other non-web based languages.

Devices. Windows 8 is designed to run on all devices made by all manufacturers. This has been the strategy of Windows for a long time, well, from the beginning. The Chromebook is a specific machine. Similar to the way that Apple works, except it is not Google who is making them. So far, we have seen two manufacturers deliver the machine production.

• Cloud. With Google’s Chrome, you are restricted to the cloud. In other words, without a live internet connection, you cannot do anything with your machine, except for a small amount of space to save some small files just in case you lose your connection. Windows 8 allows the full power of cloud computing while still having the functionality to save and do everything else on your machine as always.

Chromebooks are much cheaper than any other machine with an operating system. The difference will be in what is important for the consumers and the market. Windows 8 gives a very good choice, while Chrome is a very huge leap into a new way of working – cloud only. Will the market be ready for that?
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