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TV Auto Volume Stabilizer – Enjoy Consistent Volume

auto volume stabilizer from Gefen - As you know that I bought the ARTIS Multimedia speakers for my TV set and was enjoying the programs very much but as you know that the TV commercials are the worst thing when they come between our interesting programs are very much louder than the program running on our favorite channel so the sound on my speakers is very annoying.

So today I searched for auto volume stabilizer to add between my TV and speakers and found one, which is very well known as GEFEN TV auto volume stabilizer.

The GEFEN auto volume stabilizer has to be placed near our TV set and External speakers for this to work. The auto stabilizer input port is plugged in to the TV audio output and the stereo receiver input is connected to the stabilizer audio output port. This makes the sound from TV to pass through the GEFEN box before going out to the speakers.

We can use this GEFEN auto volume stabilizer to many other gadgets at our home like, the DVD Player, CD Player, MP3 Player to work with and it can control the sound changes between the two tracks playing the media for example we play mp3 songs on the DVD, CD or mp3 player when the song changes the sound may increase or decrease which makes us annoying and force us to stop the player or we have to manually change the volume again and again for each song, for this the auto volume stabilizer will help us.

The Features and Specifications:


•Dolby Volume certified
•Prevents fluctuations in audio volume using Dolby Volume technology
•Accepts and outputs 2-channel analog audio
•Accepts and outputs TOSLINK and S/PDIF digital audio
•Boosts low and high frequency content dynamically
•Volume Leveler: Enables consistent volume levels at all times between TV channels and between program materials
•Volume Modeler: Delivers the perception of a full-range audio experience at any volume level
•Bypass Mode permits audio to pass through unchanged


•Input: 2-channel analog audio connectors
•Input: S/PDIF coaxial connector
•Input: TOSLINK optical connector
•Output: 2-channel analog audio connectors
•Output: S/PDIF coaxial connector
•Output: TOSLINK optical connector
•Crosstalk: < -90dB
•Max Input Level: 2 Vrms
•Signal to Noise Ratio: > 90dB

Package Includes:

•(1) Auto Volume Stabilizer
•(1) Analog Audio L/R Cable
•(1) 5V DC Power Supply
•(1) IR Remote
•(1) User's Manual

SEE What GEFEN LLC says about it

Annoyed by loud commercials? Enjoy listening to the same volume levels when watching any TV program or during commercials, no matter what is on. The GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer product is a high-quality volume stabilizer. It actually makes the volume adjustments in such a subtle way that you won't even notice the change.

An additional feature includes a bypass button that allows the pass-through of unmodified incoming audio. Using Dolby Volume technology, the unit senses changes in volume levels, and then maintains a steady volume level for any input sound coming from DVD, Blu-ray Disc or multimedia source. Listen to movies and TV shows easily without the inconvenience of continuously fiddling with the volume levels.

So friends, what you are waiting for go for gefen auto volume stabilizers for your sound gadgets at your home, office, living room and bedrooms and enjoy the sound with consistent volume.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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