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Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 Touchscreen Phone

Sony Erricsson Xperia X10Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 (Black)

Pull out your Xperia™ X10 touchscreen phone, press the infinite button and enjoy it all - friends, artists and more. Here and now.


Sony Ericsson Timescape™ lets all your communication with a person come together in one place. Facebook™, Twitter™, emails, photos, text messages - all gathered, so you don't have to open loads of different apps to see what's going on.

Sony Erricson Xperia X10Mediascape

Online or stored in your phone: with Mediascape, all your music, photos and videos are in one place. You access your media from everywhere - PlayNow™, YouTube™, your phone memory.

4.0 (10.2 cm) WVGA full touch screen

Sony’s Touch Screen LCD lets users configure camera settings just by directly touching menus on the screen with their fingers. Users can more easily operate the camera during the night, at sunset and in other dark conditions thanks to the LCD’s bright screen.

SE Xperia X10

Download application from Android Market™

Built-in aGPS

You'll never get lost again. Your phone has built-in aGPS. Location-based services help you find the way to your destination. Or add location info to your images - use the geo-tagging function.

HSPA provides broadband-like speed in your phone

HSPA stands for High Speed Packet Access. Turbo 3G gives you broadband-like speed in your phone. Download large files and email attachments in a snap. Get Web sites and news feeds to your screen in seconds.


Sony Erricson Xperia X10 Specifications
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