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How to write keyword rich articles on your blog

keyword rich articles - It came to mind today that I should explain people on how to write how to write keyword rich articles get heavy traffic, and i searched on google search page and found the result on top 10 is the title "How to write keyword rich articles" and I started writing to guide you the topic.

Friends it is very simple to start writing on various topics by just researching some keywords on the keyword research programs available on internet, the first thing you have to do keep your mind fresh, try to write daily , atleast an article so that you can improve slowly.

Steps to write traffic rich keywords:

The first thing you have to do is write down what ever you are searching on google on daily basis, there you get an idea on how to select the topic, and decide what you will write today.

Then after you decide what to write, google search the keywords and write down all the titles which comes on the first top ten results on serp, And give a unique title to your article based on the search just twist the title to your interest and what you are going to write in the article, and repeat all the titles in the article which you find on the google result page in each paragraph. this will give you an idea to write good paragraphs.

People will search for titles mostly with an how so try to write more and more how to articles, by doing so you can get more traffic on your articles and can earn serious money with your ppc and affiliate programs. If you try to write all the titles with each paragraph you can also compete them on the google serps for all the 10 first page results.

So How many articles do you need to write to make money online: it depends on how you are going to write whether the article you are write is helpful to the readers and it is full coverage of high targetting keyword rich article, then you will get heavy returns for your job.

So if you can write using those keyword rich articles on daily basis you will make more and more pages on your blog using the best keyword research techniques and if your articles really help people to solve their problems based on your title, then you can make self employment money now.

Writing good keyword rich articles to help people on the titles you are using on the peoples search trends is the best marketing stratergy and for this the fitness is must, your article should be unique one should help the readers to solve their problems based on the title of the article so that the person visiting your article will stay long and read complete story as well as he will give returns while leaving your article may be it is comment "the extra content" for your article "more keywords" in the comments or "Network marketing leads" or some ppc revenue, or subscribe your blog and become the fixed reader or may be he will be your long time social friend in the future.

If you can read this article and understand what i wanted to say in this article about the keyword rich articles on your blog then I think I had succeded in Revealing the Killer Article Marketing Secrets to you.

So these are the Ideas of a Business Minded Person Working For Free Traffic and Money, you can read the above thing try to understand what i want to say and start writing good and keyword rich articles and get heavy traffic to your blog today Enjoy!
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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