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How to remove virus from your pc

chrome10 virusLatest news – many computer and internet users in India are finding as their default web page in their internet explorer, I too faced this problem last week and I removed it by using my technique from my computer, If you like to remove the chrome10 virus from your computer system follow the below procedure.

First – Click on your Start button and search for “search bar” when found delete all instances, as soon as you do it again search for “chrome9” and delete all found instances.

Next – search for *.exe files on your computer view the results in thumbnail view and find the web cam icon on your search results where ever you find the web cam icon for any exe file delete them, you will find many of them because the chrome10 virus converts all available folders as icon and exe file to run whenever it needs to change your web page as default

chrome10Next – START RUN “GPEDIT.MSC” go to administrative templates, in your user configuration, then on windows components, then Internet explorer and find out on the right side – “Disable changing home page settings” double click it and click on disable first and enable and type down your homepage as or any other which you like to keep your home page as. Do the same for your secondary page also find out “disable changing secondary page settings” and keep the home page as your choice and keep it enable.

chrome10Next – START RUN – “REGEDT” and Press CNTRL F and find chrome9 and chrome10 and delete all instances.

chrome10Next – START RUN – MSCONFIG and press on start and remove all the chrome9 and search bar options. Click Apply and quit without restarting your system.

chrome10.comNext – START SEARCH “Startup” and find if anywhere “search bar” is situated and delete them and restart your system. That’s all you can remove the default Internet explorer page virus.

chrome10Friends see the pictures if you dont understand and if you know other ways and more for removing the default web page virus you can write down in the comment system below.chrome10chrome10chrome10chrome10
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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