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Comment Avatar for Blogger Classic Template – Where is it

Comment Avatars for Classic Blogger templatesFriends, since long time I am in search for comment avatar for blogger classic template and never find solution for it, as I had designed my blogger template as classic html one and I just need the comment avatars to complete my template as a professional one and after that I can touch up the things which are needed.

I think I had searched all types of search words and sentences in google search and never find the solution for classic template comment avatar for blogger blog. But I found some good articles, which are of good explanation for the solution for comment avatars in blogspot blogs, but I am not sure whether they are working.

Lets see what are those articles and if they are working for our blogger classic templates:

I searched the term “comment avatars for blogger classic template” in google search box and found the following list of titles and no one is written the solution for the same.

1. Blogger brings up comment avatars by dantearaujo and it is complete solution of comment avatar for blogger template and not for classic template.

2. How do I display the comment avatars for my Classic Template/FTP on google help forum Princetrunks asked this question and but the question is for layout and not for classic template or html template. And no one has solved his question.

3. Blogger buster wrote a very good article saying profile avatars for blogger comments, but it is again solving the same layout problem and not the html version of avatar solution.

4. Another author of protechblogger also wrote an article on comment avatar saying comment avatar adding blogger template and it is again for the xml version and not for our classic template.

5. Other one the famous allblogtools author had written a very good article on comment avatars saying How To Add Avatars To Custom Blogger Templates again it is not helping the title of his article and supporting to layout ones.

6. I found one, which satisfied my question, but after reading the complete story I found it impossible for our custom templates because he used the php version of codes.

So I though I should stop searching for comment avatars for custom blogger template and write a good article, And I am writing this one and if any one knows any solution for this can add below or write a good article on comment avatar for html blogger template and provide a link in the comment section of this article.
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