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Published by on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 5:29:00 PM

Do not remove Blogger NAV Bar by using any tricks

Blogger Blogspot NAV Bar - I had seen many bloggers using blogspot as their blogging platform are removing the blogger NAV bar from the top of their blogs. No do not do that, Even if some professional well known blogger ask to do this ignore it.

Why I am saying not to remove the blogger NAV bar from your blogs? Yes friend there are lots of reasons, As we know that Blogger is providing us this unique and best blogging platform to us that means they are using the best for us hence they are also providing the NAV Bar, there are lots of things which will definitely help us for our blog SEO by using the blogger NAV Bar.

What are those helpful things on Blogger NAV Bar by which we can get better results for our blog?

Yes obviously we will get more if keep the bar as it is.

The first thing is we can get loyal google account holders to read our blog articles by signing up from the provided button SIGN IN on the Blogger NAV Bar. And if they sign in using it then they are ready to comment without logins to our articles, they can also become friends, follow you on google apps using the follow link on the NAV Bar, they can also search for terms on the provided link on the NAV bar and it will search within our blog for the terms and get more pageviews. For example: The search is provided with “ “, where search?q is the query and “nokia” is the keyword by which people will search for various keywords and if found on our blog we will get more pageviews.

People can also share to twitter, facebook, buzz and google reader with the share option on the NAV Bar, by which people interested in our blog from these social sites will come to our site again and again.

And the best option is the NEXT BLOG people will come to your blog from other blogger blogs and you can also go to other similar interested blogger blogs and can build and best relation with all who are blogging from Blogger platform.

So lastly I just want to say that do not remove the NAV Bar of blogspot of blogger platform and keep your blog growing with this unique blogger nav bar and ignore and kick out all those articles who are helping to remove the Blogger NAV Bar from Blogspot blogs.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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