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Published by on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 12:48:00 PM

What is lacking in RMP Infotec MLM | RMP Business Plan

rmp infotec pvt ltdEvery one in India is eager to get information on Rmp Infotec business, because of its fast growth in the past 10 years, and after hearing and seeing the plan, some visit and some attend the meetings but there is no response after that what is lacking in rmp infotec business.

To answer this question I researched the rmp business plan, on and also attended most of the best Rmp BOP, seminars and training sessions. And Found there is only one problem in this business,

Also some people are saying is rmp infotec a fraud business. I say no, it is not no fraud mlm business in India will stay for 10 years in the Network marketing business, Is rmp infotec network marketing a chain business? I say no because it is following all the ethics of mlm and network marketing businesses.

So let us come to the point what is lacking in rmpinfotec business? Yes friends after my research on websites and almost all sources where I can find about is the products.

90% people are saying the rmp infotech business products are very costly comparing to the market price; yes it is correct, we can easily find the products available in RMP business in the market for 60 to 70% price. So there is hidden cost in the product page.

Cons: The product or package price whatever they say is costly comparing to market price.

And the second thing is the rmp distributors are forcing people to get 3 and 7 ids which is called tripod and sevenpod in their language.

It is not a healthy point in any mlm business, company should provide only one id for each person and if they are in need they should give the ids in their family names and that to not forcibly.

Solution: RMP Infotec PVT Ltd should arrange the rates clearly by setting the price to be legal, product price as per the market rate and should mention other charges as per requirement.

No one should allow getting more than one id. – One id per person is good for managing the business correctly.

If RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD Management will take care for the above two things the business will definitely grow to the extent level and go on for long term.

So friends if you have any idea or want to say some thing about rmp infotec please add below in our comment system.
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