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Top Five Ranking Factors for Better SEO

Seo ranking factorsThere are many ranking factors to be considered to bring our websites or blogs on the top 10 serps but if we consider the following most important called top 5 ranking factors we can get better serp results with the below top five ranking factors explained in short.

First important ranking factor is “Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links” What is Anchor Text? We should know this first - Anchor Text is the visible, click able text in a hyperlink. Now a days we can see these unique clickable links with lots of hovering techniques we were usually seen them in blue and underlined.

Example of a Keyword focused anchor text from external links should be <a href=>Example Anchor Text</a>

SEO Friendly anchor text must relevant to the target page.

Second important factor is “External Link Popularity”

The quantity and quality of external links is very important factor. We know that External Links are hyperlinks that point any domain other than the domain the link exists.

Example <a href="" title="Keyword Text">Keyword Text</a>

Third very important ranking factor is “Diversity of Link Sources”

The links from many unique root domains is the main objective of the this ranking factor.

What is Domain name then: Domain name is the human readable Internet address of any website. Root domains, which can be seen with the extensions such as .com, .org, .net, etc. (Ex. where as Subdomains are said to be lower level component a root domain and precede the domain name. (Ex.

Hyperns should be avoided in the domain names and titles of blogs because hyphens detract from credibility and can act as a spam indicator.

Top-level Domain (TLD)

Top level domains (like .com) are the extensions associated with domain names. For best ranking results, avoid uncommon top-level domains (TLDs). Like hyphens, TLDs such as .info, .cc, .ws, and .name are spam indicators.

Avoid domain names longer than 15 characters. Short domain names are easier to remember, easier to share and have less of a chance of resulting in typos.

Fourth Ranking factor is the Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag

The title tags, which are technically called the title elements, defines the “title of a document” are required for all HTML/XHTML documents.

<title>Example Title</title>

Titles should be Less than 70 characters because Search Engine Imposed Limits

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name or Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword

Are the optimal formats of titles to your web sites, web pages or blogs and blog posts.

Last but least is the Trustworthiness of the Domain Based on Link Distance from Trusted Domains (e.g. TrustRank, Domain mozTrust, etc.)

So friends just take care of these 5 factors and your blog posts or webpages will be on top 10 on the search results.
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