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How to start and run a successful DTP Center in India

DTP Soultions - Many of my friends and followers on Internet asked me this question, and also I found these types of questions in my mails, social walls and forums. So I thought I can help out and suggest the right things about the DTP Center Business today.

So friends first of all I will discuss how to start a DTP center and where to start it, The best place to start the DTP Typesetting business is near big colleges, office places, court, and education center areas.

Find an only 10x10 Square Feet shop, Place an Aluminum Partition in front portion with a 3 feet sliding door. Cover one wall with a long table to fit at least two computers and two printers and at the back side wall place a bench to sit customers place two good executive chairs with high quality stools beside them, Buy best configuration computers with Windows latest version, MS Office, Page Maker, Corel Draw, and Photo Shop, with NUDI and Multilanguage software solution.

And at last a good photo copying machine may be XEROX or CANNON with IR Computer Connectivity support. Add One Color One if Possible.

Now how will you earn from this business? If you are a good typist, then you can start doing project, thesis, seminar works of college students, Affidavits, Sale Deeds and many things for Courts and lawyers. And also you can do small typing works like resume making, bio data and many small letters etc.

In addition if you are DTP specialist with knowledge of PageMaker, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, You can earn huge money by working on all types of prepress jobs, like pamphlets, brochures, and many types of editing works which makes you with very huge income.

After starting DTP center don’t bother of customers, just sit there for long time say up to 10 hours daily, within a week time you will get the results of this business, many people in India with little computer knowledge are making good income with DTP centers as their main source of income and making it as their life time career.

And if you know Photoshop, or try to learn it online or offline while doing this business it will be an added advantage and you can do many things where you can make huge money in your DTP Center.

If you like more about Setting up a successful DTP Center you can contact me on my mail I can give many ideas of how to setup a DTP Center and get successful results with it personally.


Computer with latest configuration

Laser Printer

Color Inkjet or Laser Printer

Photo Copying machine

And all Available software required for DTP Work, Like Windows latest version or Windows XP, Adobe Page Maker, M. S. Office 2000 and 2007, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw etc, Nudi, Shree lipi etc.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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