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Published by on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 12:22:00 PM

Confused between RCM and RMP Infotec Businesses

rcm businessrmp infotecDear Friends, I am almost ready to do fulltime MLM business but I am confused a bit between these two MLM and network marketing businesses rcm business and rmp infotec.

What is confusing me is their positive concepts, rmp infotec and rcm business both are doing well in India but their plans are different both are binary mlm following all the ethics of mlm business and also they are getting good results too in India.

RCM business is well planned complete ethic based mlm business but the income is a little bit slow, but rmp business is also a well planned complete ethic based on but their joining fees are high.

Both rcm and rmp mlm business are good for positive mlm leaders in India, but it is very difficult to select which one to do.

Both rcm business and rmp infotec is following complete ethics of mlm and network marketing industry they have good plans following the terms and conditions of joining, repurchasing , revenue sharing etc.

RCM business is sharing the income on joining as well as on repurchases, and also RMP Business is sharing the income on joining and repurchases which is automated with automatic repurchasing system on income basis.

Whatever income you generate from joining a percent of the income is deducted to automatic repurchasing system and also the income is generated from the repurchases in rmp business. But in Rcm Business you have to do the monthly purchasing manually by going to their rcm bazaars.

So friends both the MLM and Network Marketing businesses are good to do in India, but it is difficult to choose one.

If you have any idea on which MLM business, RMP or RCM business you can share your thoughts in our comment system below to make easy to all good mlm leaders in India to select the correct mlm business.
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