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BLOGGER SEO Trick – BLOGSPOT posts on 1st search page

BLOGGER BLOGSPOT SEO TRICK - I had seen many BLOGGER BLOGS which are automatically coming on GOOGLE first page for many best keywords, after a little research on how this BLOGSPOT posts are coming in the top 10 results on SERPS, what SEO tricks people are applying, I gained some knowledge.

I just want to write some SEO tricks, which will definitely help you in getting good search results for your BLOGGER pages.

Consider each and every point as important one by which you can get good results for your hard word for writing good articles. Before writing articles decide what you are going to write and research for your keywords with GOOGLE ADWORDS and write down all keywords whose need is more as per GOOGLE ADWORDS, which keyword has more searches and use single keyword, two words, three words, and a sentence.

Now first write down the title with your keyword and the title should have meaning and people should understand what is there in your article by just reading the title and the title must fit completely in the URL, which is automatically generated by BLOGGER. Say for example you are writing “How to start Internet browsing center” This title will fit in the URL completely and it has best SEO effect. It should not be like this “How to star internet browsing center with 200000” I mean to say that it should not be longer by which the url will skip the extra words and it may leave the main keyword in the URL

If you write the title which should let know people what is all about and also if it is fitted in the URL of your post, this first SEO trick will help you in bringing your BLOGGER post on the first page for the complete sentence “How to start Internet browsing center”.

And while writing the article it should help people for what they came to your BLOG page, for example your title is “How to start Internet Browsing Center” then it should explain them about it in details and you have to use the same keywords in each paragraph with different combinations for example if you are using browsing center in first paragraph, use Internet browsing center in the second paragraph, and in third paragraph use start internet, and fourth paragraph use running internet center etc.

Use ALT tags in Images with the same keywords, different combination of keywords in different images if you are using more than one.

Point to articles with same keywords in the first and last paragraph, which have good SERP results, will also help you in getting your pages in top search results.

These simple SEO Trick will help you in getting your BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT BLOG posts on top 10 results of search engines. Try it and get on top 10, IF you use your mind with this BLOGGER SEO TIP and TRICK you can also be first on top 10 results of GOOGLE and many other search engines.
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