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Five Steps to Online Earnings with Google Adsense

Earn Online with Google AdsenseFriends, I know many people are willing to do online business and many of them are good authors too, They write very good articles and also I know many students and professionals in India can write good articles as per their knowledge.

You can start earning to do so. You can write whatever knowledge you have with you in the form articles on your own blog or website or on revenue sharing websites and Google is ready to pay you for your hard work.

You can start earning online with google adsense in your spare time, which you are wasting on daily basis. I will provide you with the following five steps, if you follow them you can start earning within six months time.

Step One: First of all create a Gmail Account with your complete details, like name as per your bank account, mobile number which you use personally, and Residential address where you live permanently. These things are compulsory things you should not ignore or provide any wrong information because Google will verify each and every thing before you can start your earnings. Go Signup now @

Second Step: This is your second step and it is as important as your gmail account, You have to signup for Blogger to create a new Blog of your own with the same Gmail account you created above in the step one. Create a good blog, name it as per your topic on which you are going to write articles, Title it on the same topic and write a good description related to what you are going to write and add keywords of the same topic. Start adding articles to it first write about you, terms and conditions, advertisement and privacy policy on different posts and at last start writing articles as different posts on the same blog. Signup Now

Third Step: This step will help you in getting good traffic to your articles as well as you can get revenue shared for your work on what ever work you do here, yes I mean, You can also signup for using the same gmail account and start working on it too and this site will also help you in signing up for the adsense account too and also you can get the adsense revenue share from it.

Fourth Step: Now is the time to signup for you Adsense account, I suggest you to signup for adsense account through and mention your correct details as you used in your Gmail account and the same gmail account for your adsense account and add your blogger blog address as your primary website. Signup now: India Study Channel

Fifth step is for getting famous on net for your work: Yes a Facebook, Twitter and Orkut account using the same gmail address and same details, same description and with same keywords too.

So friends these are simple five steps which will help you in starting your online business in six months time.
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