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Seesmic The Only Social Media Tool You'll Ever Need.

SeesmicPowerful, Efficient, Everywhere.

Seesmic Desktop

The next generation of the desktop application

Say hello to your "go-to" desktop application. With Seesmic Desktop, over 50 of your favorite services are finally within reach. So go ahead, pick your services.

Pick Your Services Managing only the services that matter to you has never been so easy. Seesmic Desktop offers a unique plugin architecture that allows you to select and enable only the services you care about. With dozens of plugins available in the Seesmic Desktop marketplace and many more to follow, the possibilities are endless.
Spread The Word Choose to update all of your social networks, or just a select few … with a single click. Ah, efficiency at its finest.

Use The Platform You Want

Are you a Mac or PC? With Seesmic Desktop, it doesn’t matter. We've built the application on Microsoft Silverlight to allow for seamless functionality across both Windows and Mac OS.

Seesmic for Android

Droid Does. And So Does Seesmic.

Complete mobile management in the palm of your hand. Seesmic for Android is a feature-rich application, with intuitiveness at its core.

Manage Multiple Accounts Seesmic for Android allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts in a simple and beautiful interface. You can see all of your timelines, view your private conversations, enable notifications of new replies and post tweets to one or multiple accounts at the same time.

Share Photos, Videos and Location

Share photos, videos and location using the service of your choice. We’ve included popular photo and video sharing services like Plixi, yFrog, TwitPic and even YouTube. You can also attach a location to your tweets and utilize our maps integration for viewing locations in stream.

Rock the Widget

With the innovative Seesmic widget, you can rest assured you won’t ever miss a beat. Our widgets allow for customized notification, for all of the services Seesmic for Android supports, including Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce Chatter and Google Buzz. How's that for efficient?

Full Facebook Support

With the latest update to Seesmic for Android, we've brought in all of the powerful features that you've come to love about Facebook within Seesmic. Now, you can add one or multiple Facebook accounts, view updates, comment, like and post to your accounts. Not to mention, our full support for Facebook pages. Go ahead, Facebook away.

Seesmic for Windows Phone

Your Mobile Dashboard. Your Rules.

Customize your mobile dashboard the way you want! With Seesmic for Windows Phone, you can simply manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts from an intuitive, beautiful app.

Interactive Social Experience

With Seesmic for Windows Phone 7, you can configure multiple spaces according to your needs. Add spaces for multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts, Searches, Trending Topics, Lists and more. Seesmic for Windows Phone also boasts a directory of trendsetters to follow, so you can stay up to date anywhere and everywhere.

Twitter, Facebook and Chatter In One App

No more jumping from site to site. You can now manage your Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce Chatter accounts directly from this powerful app. From Twitter lists, to Facebook comments and likes, to Salesforce Chatter groups, you’ll be surprised by how much of a punch Seesmic for Windows Phone packs.

Share Photos and Location

Share photos and location using the service of your choice. We’ve included popular photo sharing services like Plixi, yFrog and TwitPic to allow for complete personalization. You can also attach a location to your tweets and utilize our maps integration for viewing locations in stream.
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