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Figuring out the on road costs of electric cars- Savings, yes!

road costs of electric carsThe electric cars are coming, and they’re coming fast. The average specs for an electric car are currently 80kmh top speed, 100km range, and you can do a quick charge quite easily in an hour or so. Some electric cars can do 280kmh, and they’re likely to be on the road for about $40,000. For drivers, a whole new range of options is opening up, for everything from running costs to cheap car insurance.

The good news

Some new electric cars are giving a daily running cost of $3 (yes, really) per day. Compare that to the virtual blood transfusions required to run a conventional car, and it’s no contest. The net effect of this sort of cost is to pump money back into billions of wallets, and perhaps even start a mini economic global boom. It’s about time something cost less in this world, and it’s really a sort of poetic justice that the family’s four-wheeled extra child should be the one to create the savings.

The cost of running an electric car is likely to be a bit less in terms of service, too. Electric car engines are quite different, and they’re also a lot simpler. That means that mechanics and auto repairers can avoid those hernias and not bathe in oil, too, so the general environment for car maintenance is likely to be a lot happier for all concerned. Electric car repairs can be done on the “replace rather than fix” basis, saving time and money for service providers and consumers alike.

Insurance is likely to be positively affected, too. The highly competitive online insurers will love the electric cars, because they’re much lower capital risks overall, thanks to simplified mechanics and straightforward maintenance needs. Reduced repair costs and times will cut the size of required payouts, so car insurance policies can be expected to be able to offer more benefits.

Electricity costs

The other huge advantage of electric cars is that their costs can be measured to the watt. Unlike conventional cars, electric cars cost as much as the charge costs to run. They’re not stuck with the weird pricing of oil at gas stations. The short term increase in power consumption is likely to cause a spike in power demand, but that can be offset or even bypassed completely by using passive, off-grid power systems like solar power for charging.


The electric cars could have been specifically designed for the average suburban family. Urban traffic rarely hits 80kmh at all. A 100km radius includes the trip to the mall, school, and anywhere else in the daily travel bandwidth. That’s all that’s actually required, and for that same “$3 a day”, it’s a very good deal. You’d save about $2000 per year in petrol, at that rate. That sort of saving would also make parking a lot less annoying as an additional cost. People might even be able to afford an extra cup of coffee without having to calculate their weekly budgets.

The electric car is likely to be a great relief to drivers in terms of sheer basic practicalities. It’s been a long time since driving was simple and fun, but it looks like the good times are back.
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