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Best on the market car accessories for consumers and business

car accessories for consumers and businessThe car is now carrying as much technology as you can fit in it. There seems to be no limit to how “mobile” you can get with mobile devices. From the basic mobile phone car kit to an array of media and on-road useful things, you can literally go on a shopping spree for new car accessories. The good news is that a lot of this stuff is practical hardware, business-oriented, fun, and you can get top brands quite easily.

Consumers, who have been inflicted with anything and everything “tech” for their cars, have become understandably fussy. The early hands-free car phones and other gimmicky gizmos came in various forms, from the good to the truly abysmal and utterly useless. That sometimes costly learning curve is now paying off in a whole suite of good quality car accessories, if you know where to find them.

The best on the market

For consumers- Car phones

· iPhone: The ever-popular iPhone has made its inevitable impact on the car phone market, with its own cradle/ charger and with it has come iPod integration. That’s opened the floodgates for on-road apps and other typical Apple features, a good deal overall, and definitely a plus for the iPhone-based lifestyle.

· Blackberry: The Blackberries just keep coming, and if they’re not as universal as the iPhones, their users are equally fanatical. Everybody’s favorite office in a box also has its own cradle and charger, and this very reliable device is now considered as important as the car keys.

· Bluetooth: The Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit was one of the original car packages. There’s a huge range of Bluetooth options including the famous Parrot, Motorola and Bury kits, with some brand specific car kits for Volkswagen, Peugeot, Land Rover and BMW among others.

Note: The cradles and chargers for both the iPods and the Blackberries are surprisingly cheap and easy to install. They’re hardwired to the car, and they’re a great way of keeping yourself charged when on the road.

For business- Fleet management devices

Fleet management has become a science, and with the big shift to on road management has come a suite of extremely useful, and fortunately well-priced, devices.

The range of products includes:

· Built in GPS tracking
· Data capture devices
· Video recorders

These systems tie in to other communications, keeping the line back to base open, and drivers in the loop. Fleet managers took a little convincing when these systems first came out, but the new fleet management systems are now considered best practice, and the communications systems are paying for themselves in terms of time and efficiency savings.

For business and consumers- Parking sensors

Parking can be costly process, and parking sensors, able to warn of proximity to obstacles, have taken off as a good defence against those expensive little moments in every driver’s life. Consumers and businesses have been quick to get hold of these extremely useful sensors, which can be fitted easily onto any type of vehicle, and color matched with body paint to perfection.

Whatever you need, check out your car technology options, and you’ll find it’s a buyer’s market.
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