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10 Best MM Speakers from Artis – by Kunhar Peripherals.

Artis Multimedia Speakers - Friends till now we were using many multimedia speakers for our PC past years some of them satisfied our music craze and some of them not, but the sound quality and BASS of Artis not only made me happy and satisfied but it win my heart towards these ten basic multimedia speakers.

Some models are only speakers and some contains FM and some also comes with independant USB and CARD reader facilities so let us look their feature and select one of them for our latest PC today.

S-9 USB 2.0Features of S-9 USB 2.0

• 2.0 Multimedia speakers
• 400W PMPO
• Frequency response : 100Hz ~ 20KHz
• Speaker unit : 2.5" x2
• Power from USB

XL USB 2.0Features of XL USB 2.0

• 2.0 Multimedia speakers
• 600W PMPO
• Frequency response : 100Hz ~ 20KHz
• Speaker unit : 2.5" x2
• Power from USB
• Best for laptops/desktops
• Full sound for enriching Mp3/Mp4 audio quality

S-105 2.1Features of S-105 2.1

• Power output : 1700 W PMPO
• Satellite Speaker: 350W per channel PMPO (2 channel)
• Subwoofer: 1000W (P.M.P.O)
• Active Speaker with built-in amplifier, subwoofer + satellite Speaker Circuit Design, wonderful & purity sound
• Compatible to TV, VCD, DVD, PC Player etc.

S-121 FM 2.1Features of S-121 FM 2.1

• Power output : 2200 W PMPO
• Subwoofer: 1000W PMPO Satellite: 600W PMPO X 2
• Powerful wood dual Subwoofer for deep bass
• Compatible to TV, VCD, DVD, PC etc.
• Compatible to USB pen drive & SD card reader
• Wired Remote
• FM Tuner inbuilt

S-222 2.1 USBFeatures of S-222 2.1 USB

• Power output : 1800 W PMPO
• Satellite Speaker: 450W per channel PMPO (2 channel)
• Subwoofer: 900W (P.M.P.O)
• Powerful wood subwoofer on elevated stands with 3” down-firing driver delivers a deeper and more inform bass
• Power from USB
• Compatible to TV, VCD, DVD, PC Player etc.

S-Dual USB FMFeatures of S-Dual USB FM

• Power output : 2800 W PMPO
• Subwoofer : 1400 W PMPO
• Satellites : 700 W PMPO x 2
• Powerful wood dual subwoofer for deep bass
• Compatible to TV, VCD, DVD, PC
• Compatible to USB pen-drive, SD card reader
• Power from USB
• with Remote
• Built-in FM Tuner
• Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
• Powers ON/OFF, Volume, Bass
• S/N Ratio : 65db

X-Bar 2.1Features of X-Bar 2.1

• 2.1 Multimedia speakers
• 3000W PMPO
• Horizontal sound bar
• Space-saving
• External sub-woofer
• Ideal companion for LCD TVs

X-5555 5.1Features of X-5555 5.1

• Power output : 3000 W PMPO
• Satellite Speaker: 300W per channel PMPO (5 channel)
• Subwoofer: 1500W (P.M.P.O)
• Compatible with MP3 AND DVD players, Computers and Game consoles.
• With LED display
• With PRO-LOGIC function
• Audio input cable included
• Surround sound speaker system

X-Boom 5.1
Features of X-Boom 5.1

• 5.1 Multimedia speakers
• 5500W PMPO
• Best for home theatre systems

X-15 5.1Features of X-15 5.1

• Power output : 7500 W PMPO
• 5.1 CH Home Theatre speaker system
• with stands
• Excellent sound quality

So these are the great features of the above 10 models of multimedia speakers with extra bass and complete satisfactory sound system which realy increase our heart beats for our latest music which ever we play with them. So friends dont wait go for one of these great multimedia speakers today.
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