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You can buy a personal computer for RS. 10000 today.

computer parts - Friends if you plan and make a workout on a paper and do a survey about computer peripheral rates in some wholesale computer shops you can buy a PC for just RS. 10,000/- today in India

How, Today I did it to check out, I went to take a survey in all wholesale shops available in GULBARGA computer Market, I took 10 pieces of paper and pen and started writing rates of each peripheral as per my requirement to build a computer by my own. I wrote CPU, Motherboard, RAM, HARD Disk, Combo CD Drive, KEYBOARD, MOUSE, ATX Cabinet, Monitor on all the ten piece of papers.

And Presented each piece of paper in one shop and asked them to write the prices of all lowest parts available with them, After completing the survey, I sat in a restaurant and marked out all the lowest available computer parts in the list and sorted out them on a new piece of paper.

So what I found is the lowest available CPU – BRAND NEW but not the latest configuration available today, and same with motherboard, RAM, HARD DRIVE, CD DRIVE, ATX CABINET, CRT Monitor etc.

And what I Found is we can buy a chalti ka naam gaadi computer with best speed and to complete our task, in a very lowest budget, best for Internet browsers to make money online at their home.

So check out what are the lowest prices for the parts below by which we can make a personal computer for just RS. 10,000/- in India.

The Lowest Available Prices are:

Motherboard – you can buy it for 1850
CPU – you can buy it for 2800
Hard Disk – you can buy it for just 1500
RAM – you can buy it for 900
ATX cabinet – you can buy it for 650
Keyboard mouse – you can buy it for 350
Combo Drive – you can buy it for 850
Monitor - 2200

Check out for best offers as given above and you can make ready a best computer with CRT monitor for just RS. 10,000/-

If you like more you can just add the other things like speakers, LCD monitor but it will increase upto RS.15000/- for best results.

Discuss other options to fit to your budget and good plans to buy a personal computer for just less usage people.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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