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RMP Infotec - Can You Really Make Money With It?

Rmp Infotec Pvt Ltd - By Jagan Krishnan - RMP Infotec happens to be one of the most hottest network marketing companies in India and like any other reputed network marketing company in the world, RMP Infotec too gets heavily searched on the Internet.

Since network marketing is perceived to be a rather risky field, people generally have a lot of queries about network marketing, especially when it comes to successful companies like amway, RMP Infotec and all.

Though people have a lot of queries, everything ultimately boils down to just 2 questions:

1. Is the company legal?

2. What are my chances of making good money?

So let's analyze these 2 queries. RMP Infotec was started in 2001 and has grown a distributor base of several lakhs in a very short period of time.

As far as legality of a company is concerned, it must be noted that a legal network marketing company banks upon real product sales to the end consumer instead of the distributor. As far as I can see, RMP Infotec has real products that benefits the end user so it looks like a pretty solid company to me.

Now comes the all important topic of whether a person can make money by being involved with rmp and my answer to this question may surprise many but nevertheless it needs to be told.

The whole question about making money with RMP is totally irrelevant. Confused? Let me explain.

All this while you might have heard that to succeed in Network Marketing, you need to have 3 components right:

1. Right Product

2. Right Compensation Plan

3. Good Leaders

Though product and compensation plan play a role in the speed of your growth, they aren't the most important components. The reasoning is quite simple.

If product and compensation plan is all it took, then almost all should succeed by simply joining that particular company. Success in any network marketing company is not due to the company, because if it indeed was then all one needs to do is just enroll in a successful one. All of us do see distributors from good companies struggling and distributors from average companies experiencing wild success.

So what is the key component for success then? Is it the leaders who make all the difference between a success and failure? Not exactly. Yes leaders do form the main crux of a team's success but it isn't enough. The real answer that determines your success is the Promotional Methodology of your network marketing team.

Yes, you heard that right. The main problem is that people generally think that it is the products which determines whether they will succeed or fail. This logic stems from the statement that "the product sells itself." Sorry to break that bubble, that is one of dumbest logic ever.

If you give a beggar the world's best nutrition product and an average product to your favourite network marketing leader, who do you will be able to sell the product easily?

The leader, of course. Why? Because the product was in the leader's hands. The leader's ability resulted in the product getting sold. Now it's a totally different question that the leader would have sold a good product even faster.

The real thing that needs to be looked upon here is that the beggar cannot and will not sell even the BEST product. Unfortunately a lot of people promote their company thinking that anyone can join it and be successful. But I beg to differ. Only the skilled ones will ever succeed in Network Marketing. That's exactly why network marketing leaders make so much money while others don't even make a dime.

At the end of the day depends upon your marketing ability. If your leader is good and you aren't, then it is your leader who will make the money, not you. So in order to succeed you need to know how to promote your business and that is why I called your team's promotional methodology as the most important factor. So to achieve real success you need a good set of leaders and a great promotional methodology.

In network marketing, our success is not dependent not only on our individual performance but on our team performance too. So it doesn't really matter how many you sponsor, it all boils down to how easily your team can duplicate your efforts.

Now since we all believe that duplication is essential for success, people generally tend to assume that approaching your friends and family members is the best bet for achieving duplication. Approaching people works for some no doubt, but a far greater success can be achieved by using a duplicable promotional methodology.

Now a great promotional methodology shouldn't have you running behind your close ones asking them to join you over and over and over again. A fantastic promotional methodology should have the following components

1. Strategies which your team members can use to generate their own set of prospects very single day.

2. A good support system to convert all those prospects into distributors

3. A training system to teach the newbies how to market their business and get prospects

It doesn't really matter if you are using online techniques or offline techniques. You need to have a mechanism to generate prospects continually so that your business grows quickly and stably.

If you have a good system in place that will allow everyone of your team members to generate their own set of prospects every single day, then your team will not only grow at a great pace but will also sustain itself. Once you have a good system, being involved in an opportunity like RMP will result in great dividends.

So that's it for a very basic RMP Infotec review. I believe that RMP Infotec is a decent network marketing company to be a part of and one can experience fairly good success in it provided they have a good system in place which will not only bring your team a steady stream of prospects to work with but also convert them into paying distributors.

Now the real question that you need to ask yourself is: do you have that kind of a system for building your business?

In case you don't have that kind of a system but you are interested in learning how to start attracting and sponsoring high quality prospects in RMP Infotec or any other network marketing business for that matter, then take a look at my resource box right below this article.

Get instant access to my training series which will teach you how to attract prospects for your RMP infotec business.

Jagan Krishnan is a Network Marketer who knows how to effortlessly generate prospects for his Network Marketing business. If you are interested in learning how, then head over to his training site mentioned above.

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