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Published by on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 9:01:00 PM

No Job? Learn Adobe Photoshop and start your own business.

Adobe PhotoshopI had seen many students after completion with their basic degrees like B.Sc., B.Com, M.Com etc roam here and there in search of a job, I have an idea for them which will help them earn money till they get their dream job.

What to do for starting a good earning business, Yes Learn Adobe Photoshop, start with version 7, the basic tools of adobe Photoshop will help you in doing several job works sitting in a small 6x6 shop near some colleges and offices.

Select an area filled with School, Colleges, Offices and big business areas, and start you own Computer Center where you can do many jobs using your adobe Photoshop 7 software.

For example, you can design letter pads of several businesses, you can edit old photos, you make ready passport size photos using their old photos and give them 8 copies urgent photos using their old photos, you can edit some legal documents which they need in urgent, you can edit and make ready ID cards for school and college students, you can edit old quotations of business people and provide them new for using them for their further Business, You can edit many .jpg files which can be of important things people don’t find any way for them to get printed.

There are several legal ways to earn using your Adobe Photoshop software which I can guide you step by step in my comment section, you can send me JPG files to me either old photographs or documents which I will edit them as per your requirement and can send you back, but that should be legal documents any unnecessary illegal work is not permitted.

So friends go now and learn Adobe Photoshop Crash course from any institute you can learn it within a month or two.

And start you own Shop and can earn your basic requirement till you get a good job.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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