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NETCOMM Liberty Series Wi-Fi Router for BSNL 3G

Netcomm 3 G Router

The Original 3G Sim based Router is available which can be used to connect Internet connection in India using BSNL 3G Sim or Tata Indicom 3G Sim.

Key Features

1. Combines 3G broadband service, Wi-Fi and Ethernet gateway in one device
2. Worldwide coverage through tri-band HSUPA/HSDPA/UmtS (850 / 1900 / 2100 mhz), quad-band eDGe/GSm
(850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 mhz)
3. Integrated 802.11g AP (backward compatible with 802.11b)
4. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
5. WeP/WPA/WPA2 and 802.1x Wireless Security
6. MACaddressandIPaddressfilteringStatic route functions
7. DNS Proxy
8. NAt/PAt
9. Embedded Sierra Wireless mC8790 multimode HSUPA / HSDPA / UmtS / edge / GPrS / GSm module
10. CLi command interface

A reliable wireless network for simple and affordable networking

• Create a network at home or in the office with multiple wireless devices; including PC’s, laptops, Wi-Fi phones and PDAs.

• No need for ADSL/cable – works with any 3G network.
• Mobile business solution provides workers remote high-speed access to large volumes of data, emails, Internet and business applications on the move.
• Ideal for remote country areas that do not have ADSL/cable
• Broadband in the car – plug your 3G9W8780 into a DC converted power supply. No more bored kids on long car trips!
• Easy to use and as reliable as your mobile phone connection
• Provides a consistent & reliable 3G connection to the Internet.
• Designed to allow SME and home users to enjoy the freedom of secure, high-speed-Internet connectivity anywhere – anytime!
• Downstream data rates of up to 7.2 Mbps & 2Mbps upstream. (upgradeable to .76mbps)
• Connects multiple wired or wireless devices to the one secure Internet connection.
• Works as a fixed line replacement.
• Allows users to watch movies download music or access e-mail without the need of a fixed line Internet connection.
• Multiple users can share the one data bundle, making it a cost effective device.

Technical Specifications:


• 3Gx1


• Ethernetx4


• MACAddressFiltering,WEP,WPA,WPA2,IEEE802.1X
• 10,25,50,100mW@22MHzchannelbandwidthOutputpower level can be selected according to the environment


• IEEE802.11g,backwardcompatiblewith802.11bEncryption
• 64,128-bitWiredEquivalentPrivacy(WEP/WPA) Data encryption Channels
• 11Channels(US,Canada)
• 13Channels(Europe,Australia)
• 14Channels(Japan)

WLAN Data Rate

• Upto54Mbps



• YesStandard
• Complywiththe3GPPrelease5UMTSspecificationBand
• Supportquad-bandGSM/GRPS(850/900/1800/1900MHz)
• Supporttri-bandUTMS/HSDPA/HSUPA(850/1900/2100 mHz) Data Rate*
• HSUPAupto2.0Mbpsuplink(upgradableto5.76Mbps)
• HSDPAandUMTS(upto7.2Mbpsdownlink)
• EDGE/GPRS/GSM(upto247Kbps)

Antenna Type

• Removable3GantennasMANAGEMENT
• SNMP, SNTP, Telnet, Web-based management,
Configuration backup and restoration• Firmware upgrade via HTTP, TFTP client and server, or FTP server

Routing Functions

• Static route, NAT/PAT, DMZ, DHCP Client/Server/Relay, DNS Proxy, DDNS

Security Functions

• StatefulPacketInspection, Packetfiltering, DenialOfServiceprotection, management

Authentication protocols

• PPTP/L2TP/IpSecpass-throughLED
• Power, LAN4, LAN3, LAN2, LAN1, WLAN, 3G, 2G,SignalStrength for Low, med and High LEDS


• External power adapter• 100-240Vacto12Vdc/1.5AENVIRONMENTAL


Operating temperature
• 0~50degreesCelsiusRelative humidity
• 5~90%(non-condensing)


• 205mm(W) x47mm (H) x145mm (D)

So friends go for it for your BSNL 3G and TATA Indicom 3G Internet Connection at your home, Office and corporations and use this 3G Based Internet connection on multiple PCs in your home network either it is LAN or WIFI you are connected.
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