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LG LED Monitor E2240T – Extremely clear natural pictures

LG LED Monitor - Today is the world of LED monitors and large size is very much in need to computer users at home for full multimedia craze people mostly at India. So friends here is the best lovable LED monitor from LG – Lifes Good – the LG LED E2240T the best buyable monitor for your latest Personal Computers at your desk the living room beauty.

LG LED E2240T comes with 21.5" Slim.

LG has brought a new LED Monitor employs LED backlight panels that displays incomparably clearer pictures than CCFL panels and its mega contrast ratio of 5000000:1 and Full HD resolution makes sure that you get clarity beyond comparision. LED is an Eco-friendly technology – Go Green that does not use any halogen or mercury and moreover, it saves energy consumption by more than 45%.

The Key Features

Eco-Friendly Monitors, Intelligent Auto (Auto Resolution), Anti - Glare 3H treatment, 5000000:1 DFC, 250 nit, brightness, HDCP, Full HD, f-Engine™

Other Great Features for your Latest LG LED Monitor

5000000:1 DFC

A 5000000:1 Digital Fine Contrast Ratio (DFC) is ideal for moving images. DFC is optimised for maximum brightness, making it ideal for moving images with variable brightness levels—such as in films, animation, games, and photos—keeping pictures clear, crisp, and bright.



FLATRON f Engine uses DAFI™ technology features RCM (Real Color Management) allows the monitor to display colors that are vivid and natural. ACE (Adaptice Color and Contrast Enhancement) enhances brightness and contrast. The technology optimizes image quality for videos and high resolution photos.

250 nit Brightness

Experience clear and bright images with 250 cd/m2 brightness.

Full HD

Full HD provides twice better picture quality than normal HD Panel

High Lights



Screen size
1920 x 1080
Brightness (nit)
Contrast Ratio (DFC)
Response Time(ms)

And also there are more availble great features for this LG LED Monitor E2240T – sure you will love to have one in your living room and on your big desk where you work. Research Comment and go for it today.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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