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LCD or LED Monitor - Which one do you like?

LED Versus LCD Monitor - Samsung -Some years back we were be proud when we use to buy a big sized monitor on our desktops, when we visit to any of our friends we use to say only 15” monitor, I had 17” CRT Monitor and that too black one, when it was very big and we feel big and proud to be the owner of the big sized computer monitors.

And after some time every one was changing to LCD the new innovation in the monitor field, People were eager to know and buy the large size LCD monitors on their desktops wow again it changed to many different models and technologies, like the HD monitors and so on the stories go on.

But friends now a day the people are craze on knowing what is the LED Monitor and what the technology used in it, which saves lots of electrical energy too.

So friends lets know some details and difference between LCD and LED monitors and which one will be better for our future desktops.

As we know that a very important thing to complete our system, which influence the performance of our computers, is the monitor on which results which come from all kinds of instructions, which we require, for the computer system to operate are displayed.

We also know that there are various models of computer monitors available in the market. Many computer lovers have also been interested in being able to learn about important aspects related to the idea of considering a LCD versus LED monitors comparison, as they are widely used and users should be able to decide which of them they should use and enjoy working with.

The important thing to be noted down is the lighting techniques, which is very much important for the picture quality, which can be considered while deciding the important factor the backlighting technique is the first major thing to decide which one is best.

The second major difference between the LCD monitors and TVs use fluorescent type of tube lightning while LED TV monitors are said to use the light being emitted by diodes.

Other major things to be considered are the contrast presented by these monitors, the color accuracy presented by them, the viewing angles included, certain functional considerations which are also important, their longevity and many other such aspects which might enable users to decide which of them might be more appropriate to be used.

The color accuracy, things are somehow different as both monitors are said to be kind of equal in quality. Certainly, this applies in cases in which the backlight color is not affected in any way because when this happens LED TV monitors are once again said to be more advantageous to be used.

About the viewing angles, many people have loved the LED TV monitors to be better. Certainly, these opinions might not be the same among all of us but many people who have compared LCD and LED monitors have considered this to be the case.

So this way the discussions are going on and like to know more from you all in my comment section below, Write which one you prefer to be the best monitor on your desktop LCD monitor or LED monitor or you like to be hanged out with your old CRT monitor, Size Does Matter.
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