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How to become an Insurance Consultant in India?

Life InsuranceAs we all know that Insurance trend in India is changed after the year 2000 as IRDA – (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) gave the permission to private companies and Competitors for Life Insurance company is born in India, before that only Government servants use to get insured in India, but the private sector brought awareness to the Insurance field.

Now every one is ready to get insured and also searching for best product of insurance there are many companies in India competition with LIC is going on and all the private companies like HDFC LIFE, BAJAJ Allianz, Reliance and many more are providing with many different types of insurance products which will really help people to get insured and also to make money.

And for those marketing people there is a very good opportunity to earn through insurance companies by just joining as consultants, some says financial consultant, some says insurance consultant and the older Insurance lovers says them Agents.

What ever it may be but if you are really interested to make money becoming an insurance consultant is very good idea by which you can make easy money by just showing the best plans to your network of people with whom you live your daily life.

If you have good marketing tendency you can make a lot of money or gifts by bringing daily one policy to the company. But for that you have to become an insurance consultant first.

How to become an Insurance consultant in India? So the answer is very simple, you have to select a good private company who have good insurance products which will get sold in todays market, Just do a simple research what kind of insurance people like to have today, they like to get their life insured or they are looking for good returns.

If you find those products with the company approach them through a good sales manager, get a policy of your friend or your own and ask them to give you a temporary ID in the company as insurance consultant, then get the training and start marketing, And they will help you for appearing for a Exam, through IRDA for Agency, After appearing for exam, if you pass you will get a License for Agent through IRDA and you will also get agent code in the company, You will get the ID cards and more to start your career as an Insurance consultant.

So friends if you start brining policies of people whom you know very well, you can start making good money or you can start your basic income, and if you get success and good experience you can make it as your career for lifetime, and if you give good performance the company will give you promotions as Sales managers as an employee so you can share you experiences to new consultants and grow further.
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