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Which type of articles earns more through adsense?

which articles earn more on adsenseI had seen and read many articles on best way to earn more through adsense but friends not found a single article that can provide correct solution for the above questions. I had checked my blog posts to research this query on how to earn more using adsense and found the results, which I am going to explain you below.

First go to your analytics account and check, which article posts are getting more traffic and it should be through Google as your referrer, and write down on a paper all the topics with your headlines. And now check the analytics account for your articles posts, which got more adsense, click and write down them on the same paper. See the below example from my blog.


RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD – 1500 page views

Which are upcoming mobile phones – 1000 page views

Tree of Knowledge – 800 page views

Power mat Wireless Charger – 800 Page views

Running Internet Browsing Center – 700 Page views

UFS Box update your mobile phone – 600 Page views

MLM and Network Marketing – 600 Page Views

List of Mobile Phones using android – 550 Page Views

How to remove or delete khatra.exe virus – 550 Page Views

Learn English with English MAHA Guru – 500 Page views

So these are my top 10 analytics results, which are my best traffic articles, and they all are on top 10 search results.


Don’t check for adsense revenue but check for how many clicks each article had in the analytics.

Learn English with English MAHA Guru – With high clicks

RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD – Second highest clicks

UFS Box update your mobile phone – third highest clicks

AMULYAM Free mobile recharge – fourth highest clicks

MLM and Network Marketing – Fifth highest clicks

Tree of Knowledge – Sixth highest clicks

Wholesale computer parts at VISHAL Computers – Seventh highest clicks

Is RMP INFOTEC a real MLM marketing business? – Eighth highest clicks

Free talk time for prepaid mobile phone – Ninth highest clicks

How to choose a right MLM company – 10th highest clicks

So these are the top 10 results, which got highest adsense clicks.

Now we got an idea that articles which are coming on top ten search results get more page views and more adsense clicks now how to judge which of these articles are good for our blog after comparing both results match them with each other and sort out the articles which are not in the second list but are in the first least. This will give you the results that the articles which are not getting ad clicks are the best one because they are of good quality and people like to read them and they visit other pages to see more details on the website instead of clicking the ads which gives us more page views and impressions which is good for our earning potential.

Here in my example Which are upcoming mobile phone is the best quality article which people like to read and goes on other pages to see more of that kind.

And if people don’t like to read more of our articles then they will leave our site or click on ads which gives bounce to our website or blog.

So my final words are people should read our articles and visit more pages or subscribe to our feeds, this shows us the good quality articles on our websites. So write good unique and quality articles so they will come on search results, as well as we will get more page views, subscribers and impressions. So earning through more ad impressions is better then getting more clicks.

If we earn at least $1000 per month only through ad impressions then we are really a successful writer and don’t bother about clicks they will give us more dollars for less clicks if we have the best quality articles and readers.

By just applying this research I am getting good impressions and good ad click rate for my articles.
If you like to share more on this please use our comment system and write about which type of articles earns more through adsense?
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