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Published by on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 12:50:00 PM

What is lacking in RMP INFOTEC Business?

improvement to rmp infotec business planAs we know that all most in all network-marketing businesses in India RMP INFOTEC PVT Ltd is booming very fast. Joining is going on very fast and business is also going well but the only thing lacking in this business is the direct referral payments.

We all know that every one who joins the MLM business is not a leader after joining many people in the network some of them will become leaders, RMP leaders are creating many good things to make it success they had also started TEAM HIGH OCTANE to help any distributor in any team to grow RMP MLM business very fast.

If RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD Management think of giving the spill income to the distributors, then the new comers will join more distributors in the line and old distributors up to diamond or any other high level will fill the gaps in their network.

If they give at least RS 500 for direct spill then it will be an additional plus point for RMP Business to grow fast and also should make compulsory three joining with their ID to get their first income will support the company to make more and also it helps the distributors to grow fast.

Any way but the plan is OK and it is working fine. And Also I personally request the management to add a simple joining product in the RS. 5000 range to pick up the middle and low class people for them the joining amount is only the thing it is stopping them to come into the business. If they get chance they do not look for the product but they like to join the business to earn more.

If a simple product is launched with a RS 5000 joining this will be other positive point in RMP Business.

Distributors and higher rank people are requested to comment to support these points in my comment system. And write about RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD and not any other MLM Business.
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