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Published by on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 3:47:00 PM

Searching for Jobs? Try Insurance MLM Adsense

Say no to jobs - Dream Big and do some smart work - I am seeing these days that many Indian Students after completing their education are busy with searching for jobs, and wasting their most of the important years in doing so, I don’t want to say you that don’t search jobs but while doing so you can keep busy yourself by doing some of the easy tasks and also you can earn your pocket money for searching your task.

I have some plans which you can apply on you and you will be happy by doing so, Just follow the following steps as soon as you complete your education may be what ever your field is.

First Get involved with a good insurance company as an Insurance Consultant or financial consultant, the best company to select from my side is HDFC Life, it has many reasons, which I will explain you later.

Get registered with any Insurance company as an Financial consultant or Insurance consultant or in easy language Insurance Agent, Write a simple exam conducted by IRDA and you will get the license and you can keep busy for at least four hours in the morning time in the Office as well as for searching good investor clients by which you can earn a small income to survive in your struggling period, and you will also get a good experience of people, like how the people are in India, how to face them, how to convince people and many lot of things with your initial Income.

Secondly Join a MLM Company for which you don’t have to invest huge amount but you can start it with what ever your saved in your college times, From My side I will recommend RMP Infotec PVT Ltd, a Good and Fast Growing MLM Company in India. By joining this company you will learn lot of Leadership knowledge as well as you can start you secondary income, which may be grow as your first income source and final income source if you like doing it for long time.

You can learn many leadership lessons, which will help you in your coming days when you will get a job if you decide that I will do the Job as my final career.

Third and the best thing is related to IT field, While doing those above two things you will learn lot of things in your life apart from your education, So start a Blog on and write those things what you are learning day by day as your diary in the above two fields and after some months you will write many articles on MLM and Insurance fields, Then you can apply for an ADSENSE account and keep writing, For Sure ADSENSE will definitely approve your account and you will get paid by google for their ads displayed on your BLOG by which you can start your third income source coming from CA.

So friends these are the three things you can start doing in the time while you are busy with searching the jobs and If you do them with interest and fire in you, to show your career boss that I have such experiences in my life, then for sure you will get a good job, but I like to say that if you do these three things you will surely forget the job searching thing and you will be your own boss in your Successful life. Thanks – Discuss more in our comment section below.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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