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RMP Infotec Pvt. Ltd. - A Genuine MLM Business

rmp infotec binary mlmRMP Infotec Pvt. Ltd. is a Chennai based Organization and is into Multi Level Marketing business. It is a very well established organization with impeccable track record of more than 9 years. This organization was set up by two well-known and reputed organizations with excellent track record of their own, RMP Infotec was set up on 24th August 2001.

The promoters of this Organization are:

Mahavir Metals India (established in 1935, HO: Chennai, a Company currently supplying steel and metals to very large manufacturing companies)

PTR Engineering (established in 1962, HO: Chennai, into heavy infrastructure projects.)

The Organization that we are working with is rated today as No. 1 in the Asian MLM Industry in terms of size as also due to their strong ethics and highly efficient and prompt services.

RMP Infotec currently has more than 80,00,000 distributors and is growing very rapidly. As of now, there are about 500 distributors who have earned more than Rs.1.0 Cr. through this business and there are about 1000 distributors who are currently earning the maximum ceiling pay out of Rs.1, 30,000/- every week. No other Multi Level Marketing or even any other industry can boast of such figures in India.

The business plan

The products marketed by RMP Infotec are items, which everyone buys often. These products or other similar products can easily be purchased from anywhere in the open market. When one purchases any of these products through RMP Infotec, one is provided an OPPORTUNITY to earn money by promoting the products marketed by this organization. One does not pay anything extra to get this wonderful earning opportunity. When one becomes a Distributor of RMP Infotec, one gets an opportunity to earn money with literally zero investment ie one gets to earn with Zero Investment).

When one buys, just once in his/her lifetime, any one of the products promoted by this Organization, he/she becomes a DISTRIBUTOR in the company.

Becoming a distributor of the company provides him/her with an opportunity of earning anything from Rs.1, 000/- to Rs.1, 30,000/- per week. The business plan is based on the American Binary system.

It is ideal for any one who is planning to invest for tax purpose

Most of those who are employed have to invest in some or the other financial instruments so that they can save tax under Sec 80C. People invest in various financial instruments available in the market in order to save tax. Obviously all of them are very good products and are beneficial to them.

But if one subscribes to one of the Insurance products marketed through RMP Infotec Pvt. Ltd., one not only gets the benefit of tax saving under Sec 80C like all other tax saving instruments but also gets a unique opportunity to earn anything from Rs.1, 000/- to Rs.1, 30,000/- a week. All that one has to do is to promote the products by word of mouth to other colleagues and contacts who too would be requiring to invest in tax saving instruments for their own tax saving.

Indian IT Companies and Call Centers employ hundreds of thousands of employees and any employee has a captive market. One can therefore see how easily an IT Professional or a Call Center Executive could take this forward and earn very high income - probably challenging the regular income from his regular profession.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks - everyone else looks for work” - Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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