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A Real Network Marketing in INDIA - Who is that?

MLM Business - Network Marketing ConceptHere is the beginning of my post.Some years ago people of India were unaware of the word MLM or Network Marketing, and it was very hard to convince a person to make a distributor in the MLM business what is also called Network Marketing Concepts.

But now the image of MLM and Network Marketing is totally different in India, People are almost aware of the concepts and they are also ready to do it with eagerness but they do not know which the real MLM concept is and what company to choose to do correct MLM business.

There are lot of companies coming with great ideas in MLM marketing business but they are not satisfying the customers because of their management and less powerful plan or any thing else which we do not know why they are running in the middle.

Many companies are running since long time but what about the results, what ever distributors they got in that only 10% are active and others are crying on the leaders who brought them to the business.

I like to name some companies which are good but also they are failed ones in the Indian MLM history. They are RCM Business, AMWAY India, MODICARE, RMP INFOTEC PVT Ltd etc. they are running since long time but what about the results. The successful people are only 1-2% in India.

It means that there is some thing wrong with the concept or the management. Now many leaders are willing and quite interested in doing MLM Business in India but they are not getting a good opportunity by which they can earn more as well as keep the image of themselves and the Company in which they are involved with.

If the Indian Government scans the companies and remark the good MLM Company many people will join it and get their dreams come true.

So friends if you know a MLM company or any good Network Marketing Concept in India for good leaders who want to join it stay forever to make them financial freedom and the persons whom they brought should hail them instead of cursing them. Because, the money which we earn should not come through curses, but should come with well wishes and good praises.

If you know a better MLM Concept or Network Marketing Business please mention them in the Comment section below and the leaders will go through them and review and start doing it in a MLM ethics in India.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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