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How to protect your Original CDs and DVDs from damage?

A Must Read Guide For Every DVD/CD Collectors - As we know every one is eager to see what is there in the CD as soon as we buy them, either it is a software CD or tools CD which comes free with several magazines and freeware CDs which comes with our newly purchased Computer or Laptop system. I had also seen many friends always ask the printer CDS whenever they format their computers because they had not kept the backup or the new CD which comes with their printers.

So friends I just like to write on how to protect your software, tools and driver CDS safe for further usage below.

First of all do not try to use the NEW CD or DVD which comes with any of the sources to you, just write down two copies and keep the original ones safe, and another copy in your computer table drawer for any time use, the one you are using right now should be kept in a CD Pouch which you use on daily basis.

Remember to make two copies of any Original CD for your future use, do not forget to keep the originals in a safe place, do not use the original ones for your routine installations use only the copies to do so, and the main thing is do not share the original and copied CDs with your friends this to protect piracy of software and paid software.

The very important CD s are the mother board CD and Software bundles which comes with your computer when you purchase the one in the showroom, and other important ones are the Printer CDS which comes with your printers.

So keep them safe and make two copies for your routine usage. And also if possible make two copies on your hard disk partition say D: drive and name the folder and BACKUP, keep one direct copy of the CDS and make another copy as NERO Image, so that when ever you like you can write one for your further usage.

Keeping your original CDS is very important to get rid of asking your friends for the same. And if you like you can do for your Movie CDS too, keep the original safe and make a copy to use for your daily usage.

This technique is very simple and any one can keep their compact disks safe by doing so.

You can use dvdisaster to recover your damaged CD and DVD and make two to three good copies for the same.

If you have any other ideas to keep the CDS safe you can share down in the comment system below.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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