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How to start a mobile phone business in india

mobile phone storeFriends we all know that the Indian telecommunications industry is the world's fastest growing industry, with 742.12 Million telephone both land phones as well as mobile phones) subscribers and 706.69 Million mobile phone connections as of Oct 31st 2010 as per reliable sources. It is also the second largest telecommunication network in the world in terms of number of wireless connections after China. The Indian Mobile subscriber base has increased in size by a factor of more than one hundred since 2001 when the number of subscribers in the country was approximately 5 million to 706.69 Million by Oct 2010 by reliable sources.

So if we start a right business at right time we will be the highest earners of the era. Many friends ask me how to start a mobile phone store. It is quite easy friends only thing is that we should have a minimum investment in our hands to start a good mobile phone store anywhere in India.

How to do it? – Ok Lets we learn from a small and basic store, how to start it and how to get boomed in the said fast growing Industry.

First thing is that we should have at least 5, 00,000 Indian Rupees in Hand to start a small and good looking Mobile Phone store in India. Find the spot where people moves more, A circle or chowk which are very famous for public all the times, or opposite bus stands, or opposite Railway Stations etc. You need a 10x15 sq feet shop, Make ready the shop with good color paintings and good lighting system cameras and AC, Then make ready two aluminum partitions with white glass in front portion and in the middle portion after 10 feet.

Make a long counter of 8 x 3.5 feet on the left side with glasses in front and top portion and on the back wall of the counter make two to three good view almirahas with glass and fully decorative and lightings.

And also add some readymade steel frames on the back wall, and on the front wall paste some good posters related to mobile phones. And a bench with sofa to sit and on the inner portion adds a computer table with more drawers and boxes to keep the small things.

Ok now after making everything ready, just start searching for distributors for mobile phones, and mobile phone accessories in the area and call them to know that you are going to start your mobile phone business, See how they will come and supply all the mobile phones and accessories in credit of 8 to 15 days side.

Enough you are ready for the show now, slowly start selling the available things and add SIM cards of all mobile phone service providers to your business and Recharge Cards and currency will also make more money for your business, and in the inner section of the shop start some hardware and software solutions by using UFS Box and many available Instruments to solve small problems which are very minor and you can solve them within minutes and can also earn lots of income.

Slowly increase your business and go for dealerships for various Mobile phone service providers and handset companies.

So you are the most famous mobile phone business man within no time. If you like to ask anything else use the comment section below on which I will guide you more and more regarding the computer related mobile phone services etc.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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