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How many PC be hooked up to high speed Internet?

internet sharingFriends this is the question I had seen many of the Internet lovers ask at many forums, So the answer is quite simple you can connect at least 255 computers on one high speed connection.

So How is that, How it has to be done? – Yes – Quite Simple, I will guide you in Brief how to connect 15 computers to your high speed internet connection, Say for Example we are using a hub of 16 ports and a High speed internet connection through any media, say it with a direct cable internet connection or through a modem connection. Which ever it may be every Internet connection is sharable to at least 255 computers.

So we are going to connect 15 computers on a 16 port HUB Or Switch available with us. First let us assume that we have a direct cable Internet connection on our main pc, which is connected to our network card through RJ45 Cable. So here we need another network card for our main system because the main Internet connection is coming to us through our main network card, so from the second network card we need to connect the RJ45 Cable to our HUB or Switch.

When done connect all the available PC to the other ports on the hub or switch and keep all the configurations to automatic means the IP Address and DNS Configurations should be kept to automatic on all pc and on the second network card of the main pc. And on the first network card we have to add the IP address, DNS configuration and Default Gateway provided by the Internet Service provider.

Now check whether you internet connection on you main PC is working, if it is working on the main PC then just go to network properties from the control panel, network and internet connections, and network connection, right click on the main network card rename it as server for your reference and then click on same network card and go to properties and share this internet connection and press OK, as soon as you do this all the computers connected on the switch or hub will be configured automatically by DHCP and given the IP addresses to them, now you are ready with the same high speed internet connection on all your pc or computers.

You can add up to 255 computers using different types of switches available or you can add 32 ports and how many you can afford or how many computers you like to share.

Friends if you like to know more on how to share your Internet connection on multiple computers, I will guide you step by step in details online or on this BLOG, Use the comment section to clarify your doubts below.
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