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ALIENWARE Aurora – Latest Gaming Dell Pc

ALIENWARE Aurora - Gamming PC of the yearConquer, Expand, Dominate - The new ALIENWARE Aurora — overwhelm the enemy with over clocked power and expandability with the most upgradeable desktop in its class.

It comes with three great features:

Factory-over clocked, liquid-cooled processors
Ultra-performance dual graphics and optional HD 3D gaming
Chassis designed for easy upgrades and optimal thermal control

Are you a Gamming nerd then bring your games to life.
You can experience the superior gaming performance with this ultra-powerful ALIENWARE Aurora.

It is boozed with Intel Core i processors with 8 Virtual Cores and factory-over clocked Turbo Boost 2.0 technology
Get increased performance to your bragging rights with the Intel Core i7 2600K-powered processor, which is unlocked and over clocked to 4.1GHz.

Get the high performance liquid-cooled CPU on your ALIENWARE with high performance CPU liquid cooling system which delivers up to 3 metric tons of liquid per minute for every square meter of CPU die!

Yes you can have the Dual-Graphics Options - Have this space-saving desktop with the latest dual-graphics technologies, and your enemies do not know what envy them. AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI graphics options, which help, deliver high frame rates at HD resolutions while maximizing out your game settings.

Ultra performance and memory options - With options up to 16GB of memory, advanced content creation is a breeze for you for lightning-fast data transfer and intense multitasking.

SATA 6GBs performance with Immerse gaming - State-of-the-art graphics and optional 3D technology combine to create an immerse experience which adds you in the gaming zone.

High performance graphics options intended for hardcore HD gaming experiences exceeding 1080p resolutions on a single display and in 3D.

Lock and load an optional dual-card configuration, and your visual experience can be tripled with up to three HD displays, increasing your field of view and putting you "in the middle of" the virtual world.

Features 7.1 THX-certified sound system, that enables you to feel fully immersed in the battle. Sound so realistic you might hear the enemy before you see them.
The most upgradeable micro ATX ALIENWARE desktop ever!
ALIENWARE Aurora desktops keep you in the game with key chassis features

Intelligent component layout and cable management system

The layout of the motherboard, power supply, hard drives and optical drives, along with the placement of the system fans, encourage easy user upgrades and optimized airflow for high performance.

Easy upgrades — Look inside the ALIENWARE Aurora, and you'll see why it's easy to make this desktop your own. You can access many of the core components without any tools for fast upgrades and hassle-free service. (Or you can just show them off.)

Front panel access — Simply press down on the first louver to connect USB and front audio cables, without needing to reach to the back of the chassis. The ports are articulated to reduce front-door snag when cables are connected, so you can avoid unwanted tangling and costly mishaps.

Rear entry — Use the chassis's last louver, toward the rear of the system, as the handle for opening the case for upgrades and service. The rear of the chassis also includes lighting for added convenience when adding or removing cables.
Your command center
ALIENWARE Command Center provides intuitive, user-friendly access to exclusive applications, including AlienFXTM lighting effects, Alienware thermal controls and AlienFusion power management. Updates and new releases download directly into Command Center, creating an evolving tool for personalizing your system.

AlienFX Lighting — Choose from an array of 20 colors — up to an amazing 160,000 accent lighting color combinations — to customize the effects across four distinct zones.
So what you are waiting for friends go get the one for your Gamming power station.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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