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Published by on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 8:00:00 PM

Why RMP INFOTEC MLM Company is growing fast

rmp big bazaarAs we all know that RMP INFOTEC is a binary MLM Company running its network marketing business in INDIA since 2001 and going very successfully all over INDIA and also we know that it already launched in DUBAI, GULF, MALAYSIA and SRILANKA. People are joining RMP MLM Business on daily basis and growth is very fast.

Do you all know why it is growing so rapidly with its more than 80 LAC active distributors all over the World? There is a confidential thing, which I like to expose today. We all know that in Binary MLM businesses there is lot of disturbance due to sidelines and parallel teams. YES this is the thing they sorted out from this very famous network marketing business, which is competing high level NETWORK MARKETING Businesses worldwide.


TEAM HIGH OCTANE is started by 80 Diamonds of RMP INFOTEC Company to help each and every distributor in the company without seeing in which team they are every new joining distributor is helped to attend this training school or training programs all over India and get most of it.

Since its start the Company is growing rapidly even an uneducated person, if joined the company by just purchasing a single one-time product can make money through its unique binary MLM plan.

And RMP INFOTEC Designed its MLM plan as one of the legal MLM formula, which is 100% legal and follows all the MLM and NETWORK Marketing Ethics. For example in MLM and NETWORK Marketing business there should be a repurchasing plan. Not only joining should be there, in RMP INFOTEC there is only one time purchasing system for joining the business and for repurchasing it has a very unique automatic plan by which each and every distributor who are already started earning thorough its joining plan is activated to repurchase automatically by deductions made to his repurchase card by which he can purchase items from its family mart program.

You can see the example for your reference: As soon as you get joined RMP Business you are activated in the said week and if you start joining you will get paid for your pairs for one pair one thousand and weekly ceiling of 1,30,000 you will get paid for multiple pairs up to one LAC thirty thousand in a week limit for one ID and when the company send you the check or to your bank account through NEFT payments system they deduct 10% from the Income and it is debited to your Family mart card by which you have to purchase using the same card in big bazaar or where every it can be used as per the company norms. So this way you will get the repurchasing points as well as you can earn through the repurchase revenue sharing system too.

We can use the family mart card in Future Group Channel, like Big Bazaar etc.

So friends this is the only confidential thing why RMP INFOTEC PVT Ltd is growing very fast in India. If you like to review more about this fast growing MLM Company please write in the Comments section of this article.
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