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Published by on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 3:25:00 PM

What trick affiliates are using to get huge traffic?

What trick blog are using to get huge traffic?Friends many people are asking questions on traffic, I came to know that people are always asking questions like What trick indiastudychannel is using to get traffic, What trick dotnetspider is using to get more traffic? What trick so and so blog is using to get traffic? Etc etc.

I came to know the trick recently from some reliable sources by researching on several websites I got the idea and I think so that people are using the following tricks to get huge traffic to their websites, affiliate sites, and blogs.

People are using HUBPAGES to get traffic to their affiliate websites and blogs by submitting good articles as hubs. And providing tags related to their affiliate or blogs or websites related to the article and this trick really gives them huge traffic, I did not used it but I will start using the tags trick to get more traffic to my blog.

The procedure is very simple, Write an article related to the keywords for which you need traffic and add five to ten different tags on the same keyword by doing keyword research, and publish the article on hubpages, this will create many pages on hubpages for your hub and whenever people go the related tags it is possible that your hub will be displayed there as a good back link to hub and you can use your affiliate link in the article to make visitors to come to your blog or affiliate page this trick will definitely work for you and you will see the difference in some days in you analytic account.

You can find more article submission websites where you can use this trick and if possible write several articles on such different sites, sure you will get success on getting the huge traffic.

I have seen other such site to get tag based traffic to your websites, blogs and affiliate pages is Squido, the same procedure can be applied on Squido Lenses to get huge traffic to your sites.

So friends what you are waiting for start tagging on hubpages and squido lenses to start basically and research to find many other such sites globally where we can add tags to our articles and get success.
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