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On What niche I can write good articles with better SEO?

On What niche I can write good and lengthy articles with better SEO? Today I realized that I can write good and lengthy articles with better SEO, and searchable keywords and even I can get good income by those high paying keywords in my articles.

So what are those?

As I am an IT professional, with good basic Computer Hardware Background, I can write most of the articles on Computer Hardware and Peripherals. And good how to guides on OS Installations, Software Installations, Assembling PC, Trouble shooting software and OS, Creating Partitions, and play with FAT and NTSC Partitions, Ghosting, image creating, Backup, restore, ant virus, spy ware, trouble shooting and solutions etc.

I can write good and rich articles on all types of Software Training, data entry, Desk Top Publishing tips and tricks, How to guides on ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, PAGEMAKER, and many software packages I know very well.

I can even write about all types of mobile phone software solutions, which the mobile phone repair and service centers needs.

I can review mobile phones, gadgets, computers, laptops, printers and many computer and mobile phone accessories.

So I though that I should start doing this from today, Only thing is I need questions on all the above topics, If people start asking me question on these topics, I can easily solve their problems by writing good articles which can be the best helping guides to the person who asked the question as well as to all other who are in need of them.

So I am planning to start my own community or forum for such type of questions which I can answer them in short there itself to solve the problem for experts and if they are not expert then they can read my complete articles and how to guides and can get solved their queries.

I think by doing this I can write more keyword rich articles and can also get more traffic for my blog and I can earn more by just helping friends all over the world.

Please suggest what will be best for me to do in my further postings.
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I am, Mr. IzajAhmed Shaikh, Computer Professional, and Pro. Blogger, who belongs to Shahabad, Karnataka India. My basic Qualifications are B.Sc., and M.C.M. done from University of Pune, formerly known as, Poona University, also like to write articles based on my personal experiences.