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Published by on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 11:20:00 AM

What happened to LimeWire? – The most asked question

LimeWire is closingI had seen many limewire lovers are asking the above question and many other questions on Limewire since October 2010, like: Where is Limewire?, LimeWire is Dead: What Are the Alternatives?,Where is Limewire gone? etc.

So my answer is "Little Juice is left in Limewire".

We know that “In October, a U.S. federal judge granted the music industry's request to shut down the popular LimeWire file-sharing service, which had been found liable for copyright infringement.”

(As per Reuters) - Limewire music-sharing service to close December 31

LimeWire -- one of the world's biggest outlets for people to share music, movies and TV shows free of charge over the Internet -- said it would be shutting down by the end of the year and closing its sole office in New York.

"As a result of our current legal situation, Limewire has no choice but to wind down LimeWire Store operations," This statement is said by LimeWire in a statement on Friday.

So we are very much depressed with this news because whenever we were free we used to be on Lime Wire to spare our time and get relaxed, Sorry Limewire for this and better get the legal approvals and start it soon or don’t let it to get closed.
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