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Published by on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 6:29:00 PM

Testing! Are you Ready for ADSENSE Income?

Earn $100 Daily on Adsense Friends this question raised in my mind by seeing the queries on search engines and mails, people are always asking or searching for how to earn fast income on ADSENSE, how to get approved on ADSENSE, How to earn $100 daily on ADSENSE etc.

So I thought to test those who are willing to earn real money through ADSENSE.

If you are really interested in ADSENSE or willing to join ADSENSE or want to do online things to earn through ADSENSE there are many questions in the test you have to answer some of them, If you answer the questions and if your answers satisfy me or any one who are ADSENSE earners then you will be the best ADSENSE earner on the EARTH.


1. Are you a good Writer?

2. Do you have some basic knowledge of Computers and Internet?

3. Are you a GURU of any niche?

4. Are you ready to write at least one article on daily basis?

5. Are you ready to answer questions on forums on at least one niche?

6. Do you like to write good articles for people helping them to solve their problems on any niche?

7. Do you like to give time to solve people problems / queries on forums on at least one topic?

8. Do you have patience?

9. Do you Trust GOOGLE?

10. Do you have a Bank Account bearing your own name and a permanent address?

Just Answer these questions and you will be the best ADSENSE Earner soon.

If you can do these all things then you are fit for ADSENSE or leave the idea of earning online using ADSENSE.

Daily $100 will be easy for you on ADSENSE if can Answer the above questions and if you are fit for them.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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