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Monolithic Design, 2010 A New Kind of TV is born

Sony Bravia Monolithic Design TVSony – Make – Believe - BRAVIA

Experience the new BRAVIA

In 2010, witness the re-birth of BRAVIA, now with a new monolithic design that changes the overall atmosphere of the living room with its elegant presence. With BRAVIA, we invite you to feel the passion, see the difference, touch the future and innovate your senses.

Monolithic Design

No Longer are televisions just functional devices with thick boxy frames. These days, people want much more and the truly discerning ones look to BRAVIA to meet all expectations. As much a work of art as a great performer, every BRAVIA model is carefully crafted to capture attention with its sleek lines, high-quality finishing and flushed bezel design for a visually stunning performance, on or off.

Bold Presence*

When turned off, your BRAVIA television captures the eye with its stylish flushed surface. Not only does this give the impression of the screen extending seamlessly to the very edge, but it also allows the television to blend in easily with you room's decor. But it is when your BRAVIA television is turned on that its true nature comes to the fore in a powerful and captivating display of lifelike images on its clear glass screen. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies and games with better clarity and sharpness than ever before!

*NX Series Only

Contrast of Materials*

Surrounded by sleek brushed aluminum, BRAVIA television glass screens are set perfectly flush with the frame to accentuate the luxurious and meticulous nature of its construction. A specially designed interface also conceals the edge of the screen and allows images to face out gracefully near the edges, further blurring the line between television and art piece.

*NX Series Only"

6 Degrees of Perfection*

Ever wonder what it's like for your TV to adjust to you instead of you adjusting to find the best viewing angle? With the 6° Upward Tilt* option, you don't have to wonder anymore because you can now get the perfect viewing angle effortlessly. Sink into a plush couch in front of your BRAVIA television and start seeing thing in a whole new way! Tilt adjustment offers either 0° or 6° upward tilt.

*NX Series Only"

Out of Sight

Keep in line with the BRAVIAS clean and stylish design; the touch-sensitive operation buttons have been placed behind the screen. Apart from maintaining a sophisticated look, this arrangement also eliminates the need for the user to touch the screen and accidentally staining it with dirt and fingerprints.

What is SONY LED?

From the date when BRAVIA first commercially launched LED backlight television in 2004, Sony has been endeavoring the best adaptation of this device for the best television.

2010 The New Kind of TV is born, which embodies:

The best picture quality
LED backlight with SONYS unique picture engine

The best design
Slim and Stylish with SONYS unique display technology

The best environment

Less power consumption with SONYS unique sensor

Picture Quality

Take the home cinematic experience to the next level with sharp. clear and smooth images. Always revolutionary and never compromising, BRAVIA television are packed with state-of-the-art and intelligent image enhancement features that will completely change the way you enjoy movies and games.

Sound Innovation

Whether you’re admiring a live performance from your favourite band, or anticipating that much-needed goal from your favourite football team, the best sound quality matters. Your BRAVIA LCD TV heightens the thrill by offering superior audio quality and features, giving you more reason not to leave the room.

Sony has developed the new S-Force Front Surround by improving the digital signal processor algorithm and the result is a wider listening area that delivers amazing virtual surround sound using just the built-in television speakers. Listen to every dialogue with the Voice Zoom function while maintaining the level of ambient surround sound and maximise your movie watching experience with BRAVIA.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Being eco-friendly is now a lifestyle choice that influences our every activity. But that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality or enjoyment. With all the innovative energy-saving features found in BRAVIA, you can now enjoy your favourite shows with the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your part to save the Earth.

Presence Sensor

Ever regret wasting electricity because you stepped out of the room to answer a call or to attend to something and completely forgot that you left the TV on? BRAVIA’s Presence Sensor gives you the solution to stop unnecessary power wastage. If the intelligent Presence Sensor cannot detect anyone within a 6m range from the TV, it will automatically set the TV to PICTURE OFF, reducing power consumption by 50%.

Ambient Sensor

Because we watch television shows under varying lighting conditions throughout the day – whether daylight or fluorescent lamps – images may sometimes appear washed out or too bright. Ambient Sensor compensates for this by reading the brightness and colour temperature of the BRAVIA’s surroundings and adjusting the image accordingly so you’ll always get the best picture possible all the time, at any time.

Energy Saving Switch

Most electronic devices still consume electricity when plugged into the main outlet, even if switched off. With the Energy Saving Switch, you can now
cut standby electricity consumption to almost 0W* and help save the Earth,
all with just the flick of a switch.

*There is very weak power consumption beyond the detectable range of common energy meters (i.e. less than 0.0001W).

Entertainment Innovations

In this day and digital age, we rely heavily on a host of devices for our music, movies, and entertainment. Recognising that all are equally important to any lifestyle, BRAVIA televisions now allow you to link all of them together in one integrated entertainment hub for unparalleled convenience and versatility.

Internet Video*

With BRAVIA Internet Video, your television is now a true all-in-one entertainment centre that allows you to access your favourite video websites straight on your BRAVIA. Get quick access to YouTube,, BlipTV, Singing Fool, and many more sites that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

*Depends on model.

Internet Widgets*

Stay in touch with the latest happenings from around the world without ever having to leave your couch! BRAVIA Internet Widgets are configurable and customisable add-ons that allow you to access the news, weather, and all sorts of information from the Internet directly from your BRAVIA television.

*Depends on model.

USB Connectivity

Access photos, music, and videos from other devices by connecting them to the BRAVIA’s USB port.

Wi-Fi Connection*

Enjoy convenient internet connections with Wi-Fi Integrated and Wi-Fi Ready models. These features enable you to use the BRAVIA Internet TV & Widgets without any additional wires and lets you experience true freedom from cumbersome and messy cables.

*Depends on model.

DLNA Technology

DLNA is a new standard in home connectivity that allows you to seamlessly link compatible devices from anywhere in the house to each other. Ever wanted to watch a video file stored on your VAIO laptop or view pictures from your Cyber-shot directly on your BRAVIA television? Now you can do all those things and more with DLNA technology in BRAVIA


BRAVIA Sync lets you link all compatible devices together for a simple one-push startup/shutdown process. Additionally, you can also operate these devices using just the BRAVIA remote control. With BRAVIA Sync, it’s all about convenience because entertainment should never be hard work!

There are lots of other features available on Sony Bravia TV which I will write each one in detail to explain one by one in coming post, because I love this television very much and every one in India should buy this Sony Bravia TV at their home for full entertainment satisfactions with excellent picture, sound and environment qualities.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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