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Mobile Marketing Search Engine Optimisation Considerations

Mobile Marketing Search Engine Optimisation ConsiderationsBy: Bercle George - It was inevitable. Along with mobile websites, comes mobile website SEO. But is it really so different from "regular" SEO? Here are 10 tips to help your mobile website soar in the Search Engines.

Top of the list - make sure you create a mobile Site Map. This piece of XML code is directly from Google Webmaster Central, and Google recommends that, for once, you avoid Sitemap Creation tools. Whatever you do, don't omit the mobile tag, or your mobile site won't be crawled.

Each mobile Site Map must have a name that is unique - but "URLs serving multiple markup languages can be listed in a single Site Map".

If you use the Google Sitemap Generator to create your Site Map with, Google cautions that you will "need to create a separate config file for each Mobile Sitemap".

Don't use huge titles. "21 Tips for Turning your Hamster into a Money-Making Machine While Helping Him Lose Weight" is just not gonna cut it, for a mobile site. Think "short blog post headline, instead. Keep it really, really simple.

Don't forget to submit it to Google webmasters, just as you would with a regular Site Map.

When it comes to mobile blog's, if you've set them up properly with the right plug-ins, SEO isn't such a problem. But do remember that if you don't submit your blog's and websites to mobile directories - you'll be invisible. All the SEO in the world won't be able to help you, if you don't seem to exist!

Keep an eye on as many SEO sites as possible many of which which reports all the latest SEO news from Google. (Also check out the YouTube Google Webmaster Central channel for the latest SEO news.) It is reported that more than 4 billion mobiles world-wide to only 1 billion PC's. About the planned expansion of Google's Search features: " is going to be a big part of it." (Again - get in on the leading edge!)

Drive traffic to your mobile website with a YouTube video - with your mobile site URL and a call to action prominently displayed. If you've ever used Google's mobile web index, it should strike you that most of the results are YouTube pages. This may not be a sure-fire SEO strategy for ever - but it sure seems to be working, right now!

Check out the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 page, You'll find out all sorts of helpful data, including "keep your pages under 21k" and tips for SEO

Meet Googlebot-Mobile, a very special bot that looks for "mobile-friendly" sites, and includes them in Google's mobile web index. So far he hasn't been doing a very good job - but then again, maybe countless people aren't bothering with those all important Site Maps.

Googlebot-Squarepants, er, I mean "Mobile", is a lot slower than other search bots, according to one website taking about 2 weeks to complete a "rotation".

When all is said and done, mobile SEO is still in its infancy. By all means follow the tips I've included here - but first and foremost, you need to concentrate on make your blog useful, interesting - and worth coming back to.

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