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Internet Sharing solution for Micromax mmx 300G 3G modem

Sharing solution for micromax 300gToday One of my friend asked me a question for sharing his 3G internet connection to other PCs in his network :

Que: I am using Micromax mmx 300G 3G modem for BSNL 3g internet. To share my 3G internet with other computers which Router is best ? Can anyone please suggest!!

My Answer will be Bigpond Wifi Router 7.2 home network gatway is the best solution if you have more than one pc to share your Bsnl 3G internet connection.

As we know that High Speed 3G USB Modem Micromax DataCard – MMX 300G data card in HSDPA Variant will offer a speed of up to 3.6Mbps DL and 384 Kbps UL. And In areas where 3G are still not available, the EDGE network of speed up to 237kbps DL and 118kbps UL or GPRS network with speeds of 85.6kbps DL and 42.8 Kbps UL can be used.
BSNL 3G SIM card complaint with 3GPP 31.101 and 31.102 can be used with Micromax MMX 300G. The USB data card contains an Internal Antenna and will be Auto Installed on your Windows any version.

So the Solution for the above question:

How to share the USB 3G Internet connection:

There are two ways:

1. If you are using the switch to share more than one connection then make a straight cable connection and connect to your lan card on your system and other point should go to the switch, or if you want to connect it directly to the system, than make a cross lan cable and insert one point on your main system where your connection is and other on the other system. Then share your internet connection by right clicking on the internet connection icon on your system, the DHCP will assign the ip addresses on the other systems and your connection is shared on all or other pc.

2. Second method is very easy one get the router on which you can have the facility to insert the bsnl 3G sim directly or there should be a facility to add your usb modem on the router directly.

But if you want a good internet speed and best sharing facility I recommend the Bigpond Wifi Router and BSNL 3G Sim which can be switched directly on the available switch with you and you can access internet connection on any number or systems in your home network.
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