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Published by on Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12:32:00 PM

AASAN by iBall - Best Cell Phone for Grandpa and Grandma

iBall Aasan seniorI had seen many older people in India don’t like to have a mobile phone because they are scared of their operatings, they don’t now how to store phone numbers, they don’t know how to get the number from the phone book and dial the number, and they even don’t know how to receive the call and disconnect it.

It was since long time we were waiting for the easy phone for our elders and the time came when iBall released one called EASY or AASAN the name itself says it is easy for Elders or our seniors.

We are really thankful to iBall for presenting this adorable tribute to our respected grandpas, grandmas, and even to many of our parents who are really seniors and can get connected with us with this easy to use Aasaan phone. A specially designed phone with large keypad, enhanced sound, wire free FM and an exclusive SOS button helps empower our seniors. With this phone as their companion, the old will indeed be bold!

Features of AASAN – The Seniors Phone by iBall.

1. Emergency SOS Button

Activation of the SOS button results in a siren, which helps alert people nearby.

Simultaneously, a SMS is automatically sent to 5 predefined numbers.

Following that, the iBall Senior Phone starts calling the numbers
one after the other till a call is answered. If the call remains unanswered, the entire loop gets repeated three times.

2. Large Keypad with Large Buttons

3. One Touch Wireless FM

4. Amber Display for easy Readibility

5 Design & Display

We can choose from two colors - White & Black with 4.2cm (1.65") mono display - Amber

6. Messaging

It is ease to send SMS or Email in English or Hindi language

7. Music & Video

It has FM radio on speaker - Wireless FM with polyphonic ring tones and a standard 3.5mm earphone jack which helps to get live cricket and music for our grandpa and grandma as per their choice.

8. Storage

They can store up to 200 SMS record sent by their grand childrens.
They can also store the full family numbers on the Phonebook of 500 records.

9. Battery

Good battery life of 1000mAh with up to 3 to four hours Talk time

Standby Time: 250 Hrs – We know who calls them, those who loves them most.

10. Other Features

Single SIM - Dual band GSM (900/1800MHz)
Dual language support - English and Hindi most of them love Hindi.

11. Add-on Features

Alarm with Ring tone alert – Grandma love this,
Scheduler – Grandpa Love this
Clock – Both love this
Currency and Unit Converter – Papa love this,
Calculator – Grand children love this,
Countdown timer and Stopwatch – Granddaughter love this.
SAR<2.0w/kg – All will love this.

So friends don’t wait go for it and gift one to your elder ones they will really love the iBall AASAN mobile phone for seniors.
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